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Month: October 2021

Things That Should Be on Your Must Do List When You Visit Bath

Bath is a fantastic modern city – home to nearly 90,000 people there are plenty of things to do and many local businesses from shops to Bath accountants Chippendale and Clark. It is one of those cities that is impossible to experience totally in one visit. If you are planning to visit Bath in the future, here are just a few things that you can do whilst in this fantastic city…

Sample the Water – The Thermae Bath spa is a truly luxurious place to visit and a must for those heading to Bath for the first time. This natural hot spring is set in a large pool complex where you can also enjoy many relaxing treatments like massage as well as seeing the city from the roof top spa pool.

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And Visit the Place Where it all Began – The Roman baths were the foundation and namesake of the city of Bath and this architectural treasure trove is a building that is on everyone’s must see list. Enjoy a guided tour around this stunning building taking in the Roman architecture and imagining how it would have been in those days for the people of this Roman city.

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Have a Drink – Those thermal waters aren’t just for bathing in. Since Roman times they were believed to have benefits to the body when taken internally so head to the Pump room to have a try of the water.

Raise a glass to these songs

In this article, we are celebrating the wonders and diversity of the drinks industry! Here are some top tracks to get you in the mood for relaxing with your favourite beverage:

Drink To That All Night – Jerrod Niemann

Parties, celebrations, joyous occasions and even sad ones are a time when people come together and drink. Whether that’s alcohol or something a little softer, the human experience of coming together has always involved food and drink. Whatever your tipple of choice, make sure you can drink all night!

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Have A Drink On Me – AC/DC

The words we all love to hear, meaning we don’t have to get the next round in! Having well stocked bars and restaurants relies on a complex supply chain from production to distribution. If you’re the owner of a drinks business, consider the benefits of specific industry software to ensure your operation is as smooth as possible. Find out more about Bonded Warehouse Management at

Drink In My Hand – Eric Church

What’s in your hand? There are so many drinks to choose from now, the choice is limitless. Recent trends are for healthier, more unusual concoctions with unique natural flavours. Or are you more of a traditional orange juice and lemonade fan?

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Cool Drink Of Water – Brooks & Dunn

For the first time in 2013, water overtook cola as the drink of choice for people in the U.S. Today, even water comes in a huge variety of options including fruit flavoured, sparkling, added vitamins etc.

What is Going on at the Farm Now?

As autumn begins to turn to winter, in our modern times we don’t give too much thought to the wide bounty of food that we have available. But in times gone by, local farms were literally the things that fed whole communities. Still today we are reliant on our farmers, especially during the run up to Christmas when demand increases for Christmas foods and it is good to buy from local farms – it is both better for the environment as food hasn’t travelled as far, and it is also a good way to support small local businesses.

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At this time of the year farmers are as busy as ever – here are just a few jobs that will be going on at the farm now…

Improving the Soil – Now is the time to start preparing the soil after the recent harvest. Farmers will be adding fertiliser to the fields to get the soil ready for them to be sown with crops one again next year.

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Repairing Machinery – With the scramble of activity during harvest season, now is the time to go over the tractors and combine harvesters that help with this task and make sure they are in good repair. Farmers will be buying equipment like trailer parts from Auto and Trailer to ensure that all machinery is working well before next years harvest.

Caring for Animals – Animals on the farm need extra care during the winter. Keeping them safe from the colder weather, as well as wild animals that are looking for food as it becomes scarcer in the wild such as foxes is a top priority.

Kilmainham Gaol – An Important Piece of History in Dublin

Dublin is one of the most popular European cities to enjoy for a city break. Bursting with things to do, from theatres and cinemas to fine dining like this pizza restaurant Dublin and of course not forgetting the huge array of bars and clubs on offer in the city that Guinness originates from. It is also a city of history, and if you are visiting Dublin and want to see a huge part of that history, then head to Kilmainham gaol…

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This gaol opened up in 1796 – it has a long and bloody history and finally closed its doors in 1924, before becoming an educational and historical attraction for visitors who wanted to find out more about Dublin in the troubled times gone by.

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Rebellions that happened in Ireland were heavily punished, and as the Civil wars went on the leaders of the rebellions would be kept here – in terrible conditions, where they were sentenced to death, and were often executed right here, such as Joseph Plunkett in 1916.

Re-visit a lot of the history which has shaped Ireland here, where you will see exhibitions on various historical events and also be able to walk around the gaol itself, feeling how it must have been to be kept here, awaiting death, in conditions that were less than sanitary.

When visiting Dublin this is a good place to visit – away from modern Dublin, it will give you a chance to get to know this unique city and the events that shaped it.

How Often Should Gas Appliances Be Serviced?

Gas appliances should be serviced and checked for safety at least once a year. If you have gas central heating in your home check with your gas company if they recommend servicing gas appliances at least once a year. The manufacturer’s owner’s manual will tell you when your appliances should be serviced. Most companies will definitely recommend servicing your gas central heating appliances at least once a year for safety reasons. Read More

How can a Brise Soleil help your business?

A Brise Soleil is a wonderful piece of equipment that is attached to the outside of your building. It helps to prevent the sun from streaming in through the window and causing a greenhouse effect inside.This can thn help to keep the temperature at a more comfortable level in the summer and will help with productivity and your employees overall health.

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There are a number of other benefits and here are a few of them for you to have a look at.

Cost effective – these kinds of sunbreakers are incredibly cost effective when you compare them to the need for air conditioning and fans to keep your office space cool. They also help to reduce the need for curtains and blinds which can be costly and a nuisance ot keep opening and closing, depending on teh sunlight levels each day.

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Stylings – there are lots of different styles available from horizontal and vertical blades as wellas those that act as walk ways and free standing options. All of these can be made from a number of different metals, wood and ecofriendly alternatives.

Protection – by removing hte galre of strong sunlight entering your building and helping to reduce the greenhouse effect that can occur when sunlight streams in through a window, you can help protect your employees form heat exhaustion nd heat stroke.

A history of vanilla

Vanilla is a flavouring that is used directly from the vanilla pod and can be found as Vanilla Extract from places like It is a popular flavouring that is used in dishes and desserts around the world.

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It is a plant that is native to Mexico and Madagascar is one of the largest producers of vanilla today. Vanilla grows as a vine that often uses a tree to prop itself up, and in some cases, these vines are grown in orchards similar to wine vineyards with rows and rows of the vine growing in vast areas of land.

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The Aztecs are amongst some of the first people to have reportedly used vanilla, and it was added to a spiced cacao drink that they consumed. It was a way of adding some sweetness to the natural bitter cacao beans. After Spanish explorers arrived in Mexico, the use of vanilla was expanded to their territories and then into mainland Europe. At this point, it was still used to flavour drinks but it wasn’t long before it started appearing in cakes and other desserts.

Since these early days, vanilla has been added to ice cream fixtures, cake batters like in the case of the traditional victoria sponge and is still added to drinks as flavourings. As well as being a popular choice to add to hot chocolate it is also a common flavouring to add to coffee either in syrup or an extract version.

How are copper pipes used in plumbing

Copper is used in many different ways, but the most common is in the 6mm Copper Pipe and other pipes, like the ones you can see from Watkins & Powis used in plumbing. It is an excellent metal to work with as it can be shaped easily, and it is a good conductor of both heat and electricity. This is why it is used in electrical wires, computer parts and in plumbing pipes and systems. Read More

Tips for Lighting Commercial Premises

When you are trying to light up your commercial property, it can be easy to get caught up in all the different options available. One of the biggest tips for lighting commercial premises is that you should choose different lights for different uses. For example, one of the best things you can do with a large retail outlet is to highlight the sale displays by installing high quality LED lights. These lights will not only add colour but they will also help to draw attention to the main entrance where potential customers are likely to enter.

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Another tip for lighting is to ensure that you are using the right type of light. You can easily choose from many different types of lights including spotlights, low-voltage lighting and even accent lights. You need to make sure that you look into each of these options and that you research the pros and cons of each before taking a final decision. By doing this, you will have the opportunity to ensure that your lighting is effective, is not distracting, has the desired purpose and is cost-effective. Consider also the need for Ceiling Rose fittings. Find out more at Creative Cables ceiling Rose

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In addition, another one of the best tips for lighting commercial premises is that you should choose a lighting system that is economical. Commercial premises have a far greater proportion of lighting than other types of properties in general. Consider a switch to LED in all areas and avoid excessive lighting in areas that might not need such a high level of illumination. Doing this will help you to ensure that your business will look its best at all times, will help you to improve visibility but not cost the earth.

The changing world of retail

Every industry has seen dramatic changes over the last 30 years or so. Like the primary industries, such as Mining or large manufacturing like Shipbuilding, some have almost disappeared completely. Others have changed beyond all recognition from where or what they were. One of those industries is the retail industry.

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Going to the supermarket or shops used to be an ingrained part of the British way of life. Whilst it was not to everyone’s taste (the stereotype of the bored male shopper following around his wife or girlfriend, desperately wishing he was at the Football on a Saturday afternoon immediately springs to mind), it provided a great deal of employment. The situation was especially true for those looking to find their first job role or women looking to work hours around school and childcare.

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The advent of online shopping and the internet has thrown this status quo into a problem for the economy and the country. Shop work in the nineteen nineties was seen as a pretty safe bet. Nothing seemed able to challenge the dominance of the high street. Remote shopping was limited to the Littlewoods or Empire catalogue.

Well thought out and niche shops remain popular, and there is still success to be had with the right blend of product and experience to be had when shopping. Security remains an issue. The Security Seal, like those from stay some of the best on the market.