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Month: October 2021

Who was Sir Alexander Fleming?

Sir Alexander Fleming was a Scottish bacteriologist who was responsible for the discovery of Penicillin. This is one of the foundations of modern medicine and has given us antibiotics. This has meant the lifespan of everyone on the planet has been increased almost immeasurably. These antibiotics are used by medical professionals the world over and their Locums. If your GP practice needs support then Locum Insurance from is a great idea

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The experience that he had gone through in the First World War inspired him to find an answer to a common problem. The injuries to Soldiers could be treated adequately with bandages, and the cleanliness of operating theatres and surgeries could be achieved through the use of antiseptics. However, the risk of internal infection resulting in blood poisoning was significant. He witnesses many lives lost and resolved to use his knowledge and skills to find a cure.

He was searching for that cure when quite by chance, he noted that a white mould growing in an agar dish seemed to reduce and even remove the spores of streptococcus that were in the plate with it. Realising the potential, he began to try and use a compound from the mould to create a viable cure.

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Fleming and his team did not have the resources to do so, and he was soon looking to move on to other possibilities believing the idea to be too complicated to develop. However, the work of Howard Florey, Ernst Chain and Robert Heatley to develop the drug was the real key. Fleming himself was modest about the whole subject and took no active part in aggrandising his role. He is quoted as saying that he never intended to revolutionise the world of modern medicine with its first bacteria killer, but “…I suppose this is exactly what I did.”

3 of the craziest roller coasters in the world

Whether you love riding roller coasters or wouldn’t go near one if your life depended on it, you can’t argue that they are not amazing feats of engineering. Here are some of the fastest, tallest and most terrifying roller coasters on earth:

Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure, USA

Named after a mythical tiger, this is one ride that does indeed roar! Mere seconds after launch, the ride climbs a 139m rise before cresting the bump and spiraling back down to earth at astounding speeds. The launch mechanism is powered by a winch system with hydraulic turbines that propels the carriages faster than the faster Ferrari ever made – 25 times the power to be precise! The ride is only 50 seconds long but will take your breath away. Find out more about Hydraulic Power Unit applications at a site like

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Sky Scream, Holiday Park, Germany

This is a ride that aims for lingering terror, launching riders into their first loop before stopping midway and dropping them backwards. The ride then takes passengers backwards and upside down through a helix loop, aiming for extreme fear in the form of leaving riders hanging before launching them into twists and turns galore.

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The Smiler, Alton Towers, UK

This fiendish coaster has more inversions than any other – a whopping 14! There is a bat-wing section that flips passengers into two quick successive inversions in opposite directions while maniacal laughter is blasted at riders when travelling through tunnels. This ride is certainly not for the faint of heart!

What are your university accommodation options?

Moving out of home and away to University is one of life’s giant steps. If you think you are getting stressed about it, you can be sure that your Parents and Family, in general, will be worried as well. One of the most stressful decisions and choices is where you will live when you are at University. There are several options open to you to consider.

  1. Stay at home and study. You could save a lot of time and effort and find a local university that you can stay at home and attend. There are positives and negatives of this. You might not feel that you have entirely left the nest to prove your independence, but it does mean that you’ll have a close-knit support unit around you, and the costs will be significantly reduced.

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  1. Halls. If you are moving away, then this is usually provided for you in the first year. It relieves a lot of the stress as you’ll know that to start with your accommodation is sorted. However, it is a good idea to start looking for private accommodation as soon as possible. This is not as daunting as it sounds, and there is plenty of help to be had by the University as they will assist you in getting a place.

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  1. Private rent. You could start this way if you wish to. For example, one of the best providers of Cheltenham Student Accommodation is They have a full range of options for you.

Is premium fuel worth the extra?

When you fill up your vehicle, there are always options to use premium quality petrol or diesel but are there any real benefits? They can sometimes be referred to as super performance and will have an increased octane rating but would your vehicle benefit from its use?

High octane fuel is less likely to ignite as it needs more compression to ignite than low octane fuels. For high performance engines, using premium fuel can prevent explosions damaging the engine as high performance vehicles compress their fuel more. High performance diesel will have a higher cetane rating. So, if you don’t have a high performance engine, are you going to improve the performance of your vehicle by using this fuel?

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If you want to be sure which fuel is best for your vehicle, the manufacturer’s handbook will provide this information and detail which octane or cetane rating your vehicle performs best with. For heavy fuel users, consider the advantages of BP Fuel Card. Find out more at

There are a number of different brands of premium fuel available at most fuel pumps:

BP have Ultimate Unleaded and Ultimate Diesel

Esso have Synergy Supreme Plus 99

Total have Excellium Unleaded

Shell have Shell V-Power

Texaco have Supreme Unleaded 97

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Remember that all vehicles must use a specific type of fuel, whether unleaded petrol, diesel, LPG or nowadays, charged with electricity. Putting the wrong fuel type into a vehicle can seriously damage it, however mixing standard fuel and premium fuel is not likely to cause any issues.

Types of Home Care Available

For those looking for care provision for their ageing family members, there can be some confusion over what is provided and what isn’t. Here is a breakdown of the different aspects of care that can be provided in a person’s home.

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Some individuals will require help with daily activities but those that don’t require medical care. Non-medical care includes assistance with daily activities and these can include personal care like bathing, dressing, mobility and transport, for example. A family may be doing the majority of care and are looking for brief periods where they can take a break and this is called respite care. It can be for a few hours each day or for a few weeks to cover a holiday, for example.

Companionship is another aspect of care that a family may be considering. A professional caregiver can provide a checking in service and spend some time just talking and providing company. This type of service can also include household tasks such as washing up, cooking, laundry or cleaning. For more details on Live in Care Gloucester, visit a site like

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For medical care, a more qualified caregiver will be required. A licensed nurse can provide care that might include wellness checks, provision of medication, injections, wound treatment, rehabilitation, provision of medical equipment and therapy management.

Care at home can also include hospice care which is looking after those at the end of their lives. Those with terminal illnesses will require specialist care that might include restricted medications and round the clock supervision.

Some tunes for tough cleaning jobs

When you’ve got awkward items that need a thorough clean, you’re probably preparing yourself for a hard day’s work. However, what if there was a way to get large amounts of parts or items cleaned and sanitised at just the push of a button? Here’s how to do it with the help of the power of song:

Wash Me Clean – K.D Lang

Need to clean up old jewellery but don’t want to be abrasive or use detergents that could tarnish the metals? Consider the benefits of ultrasonic cleaning for achieving sparkling results without the time consuming hand washing.

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Clean Machine – Presidents of the USA

Perhaps you have automobile components covered in oil and grease. These are not easy or pleasant to clean so an ultrasonic unit could really remove the hassle. Find out more about the advantages of using a Large Ultrasonic Cleaner, visit

That’s Pretty Clean – Sly

You’ll be surprised at how effective this method of cleaning is, especially for hard to clean surfaces. An ultrasonic cleaner uses cavitation to clean. Ultrasonic waves are used to cause this cavitation in the water. Bubbles increase in size until they burst against the objects in the tank.

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Stay Clean – Motorhead

Whether you need a small unit for personal use or a large unit for commercial use, it’s easy to keep a wide range of items clean from small items like jewellery to large ones like machine parts and even golf clubs!

Choosing the perfect front door

When it comes to improving the curb appeal of your home, a great place to start is the front door. Whether you want to make your home look more contemporary or have the front door match more of the traditional decor of your property, a new door will make a world of difference.

Style – There are countless styles to choose from, whether you are looking for something sleek and trendy or a retro design. Try to consider how well the door will blend in with the rest of the exterior and the age of your property.

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Colour – All the colours of the rainbow are available, whether you buy a coloured door or a plain one and paint it yourself. Think about what the colour will portray about your home. For example, dark blue is stately, white is innocent and pure, yellow is fun and carefree while red is bold and attractive. Most homeowners prefer to match their door with their garage door. For advice on Garage doors Gloucester, visit a site like

Material – There are many different materials to choose from when it comes to both front and garage doors. Traditional choices include wood whilst more contemporary options might include aluminium, composite or uPVC.

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Security – Most modern doors come with enhanced security features and with today’s technology, can even come with additions such as keypad entry, fingerprint locks and access via bluetooth!