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couldn't modify partition map

How to fix ‘couldn’t modify partition map’

In a world where data is everything, it’s critical that data storage systems be reliable. A partitioned hard disk or SSD can be a huge asset for your business, but if the partition map can’t be modified, then you’re out of luck. This is a problem that many people have faced in the past, and unfortunately, there’s no easy way to resolve it. In this post, we’ll explain how to fix “couldn’t modify partition map” errors on Windows 10 and beyond, so that you can keep using your hard disk without worrying about losing your data. Read More

how to customize text messages on iphone

How to customize text messages on iphone?

The default view for text messages on the iPhone allows anyone who picks up the device to read part of the received message, sometimes compromising the privacy of the phone owner as well. However, you can configure your phone so that when notifications for new messages appear, they don’t take up as much screen space or no notifications appear. If you are tired of the usual banal text of your iPhone messages and you want to try something new and original, perhaps characterizing it with colors, images and smilies, then this guide is what is right for you. There are, in fact, several tricks and systems to customize the text of your SMS or MMS. Through a series of applications, programs and tricks, I will show you how to customize text messages on iPhone. Read More

How to post music on instagram

How to Post Music on Instagram? Step by Step Instruction

Instagram stories are one of the functions that have catapulted the popularity of this social network, because in addition to uploading photos, videos, animations and filters, now also allows you to upload music to each of your stories. Read More

local seo tips

5 Effective Local SEO Tips for Your Small Business Website

Although most business owners understand the differences between marketing at local and national levels in the real world, they may not necessarily know how local SEO efforts differ from any other type of search engine optimization for a small business website. You’ve probably heard that it’s important to engage in local SEO if you have a real-world business that you want to encourage customers to visit, but won’t regular SEO do the trick? Read More