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Top Tips for staying safe on UK motorways

It might not seem like it but the motorways in the UK are statistically the safest roads. They only account for 3% of accidents and 4% of fatalities. Because of the fast speeds involved though, when something does go wrong, it can have very serious consequences. Here are some tips for staying safe on the motorways:


Moving from the slip road onto the motorway, always indicate right to give other road users a clear signal of your intention to merge. Try to match your speed with that of the lane you’re merging with and always find a suitable gap. It’s important not to slow down too much or come to a complete stop as such actions could be dangerous and frustrating to others.

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It’s important to be in the left lane in plenty of time and be aware of the 100-yard markings approaching every exit. Aim to turn on your indicator by the 300-yard marker. Try to avoid decelerating whilst still on the motorway but reduce speed on the slip road as this is safer. Often slip roads have more than one lane, so be sure to get into the correct one for your destination.

Be Aware

Drive safely past any roadside assistance vehicles, such as those marked with Chapter 8 Chevrons. Find out more at

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Knowing the lanes

The left lane is designed for travelling in, whilst the middle and right-hand lane are for overtaking. You should avoid staying too long in either of these lanes and remaining in the middle lane is now an offence.


The Story of Daniel Edmund Williams and Tullamore Whiskey

Ireland is home to many world-famous historic figures who have achieved great things – from poets like Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett, to scientists like Robert Boyle and Ernest Walton, there is no shortage of great achievements in Irelands history. However, someone that many people may not have heard of, who is also worthy of making the list of great Irish achievers is Daniel Edmund Williams.

If you have never heard of him, you may have heard of the product that he created – Tullamore Dew (the Dew is the initials of the man himself!) one of the most popular and celebrated whiskeys, not only in Ireland but in the world!

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Modern day Tullamore is a pretty town, full of both historic buildings and modern amenities and services – if you need to upgrade your mobile phone for example, you can visit Vodafone Tullamore store King Communications. However, the distillery which made the town famous is of course still here and this is where the story of Tullamore Whiskey began.

Daniel Edmund Williams started working here as a young boy of fifteen. Doing manual labouring jobs, his keen interest and passion for the distillery and the process of creating whiskey shone through and at the age of 25 he was made the manager of the whole place.

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As well as creating the famous Tullamore Dew, another popular creation that the distillery is known for is Irish mist – this was the first whiskey liquor to come out in Ireland and has remained popular ever since.

Things That Should Be on Your Must Do List When You Visit Bath

Bath is a fantastic modern city – home to nearly 90,000 people there are plenty of things to do and many local businesses from shops to Bath accountants Chippendale and Clark. It is one of those cities that is impossible to experience totally in one visit. If you are planning to visit Bath in the future, here are just a few things that you can do whilst in this fantastic city…

Sample the Water – The Thermae Bath spa is a truly luxurious place to visit and a must for those heading to Bath for the first time. This natural hot spring is set in a large pool complex where you can also enjoy many relaxing treatments like massage as well as seeing the city from the roof top spa pool.

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And Visit the Place Where it all Began – The Roman baths were the foundation and namesake of the city of Bath and this architectural treasure trove is a building that is on everyone’s must see list. Enjoy a guided tour around this stunning building taking in the Roman architecture and imagining how it would have been in those days for the people of this Roman city.

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Have a Drink – Those thermal waters aren’t just for bathing in. Since Roman times they were believed to have benefits to the body when taken internally so head to the Pump room to have a try of the water.

Kilmainham Gaol – An Important Piece of History in Dublin

Dublin is one of the most popular European cities to enjoy for a city break. Bursting with things to do, from theatres and cinemas to fine dining like this pizza restaurant Dublin and of course not forgetting the huge array of bars and clubs on offer in the city that Guinness originates from. It is also a city of history, and if you are visiting Dublin and want to see a huge part of that history, then head to Kilmainham gaol…

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This gaol opened up in 1796 – it has a long and bloody history and finally closed its doors in 1924, before becoming an educational and historical attraction for visitors who wanted to find out more about Dublin in the troubled times gone by.

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Rebellions that happened in Ireland were heavily punished, and as the Civil wars went on the leaders of the rebellions would be kept here – in terrible conditions, where they were sentenced to death, and were often executed right here, such as Joseph Plunkett in 1916.

Re-visit a lot of the history which has shaped Ireland here, where you will see exhibitions on various historical events and also be able to walk around the gaol itself, feeling how it must have been to be kept here, awaiting death, in conditions that were less than sanitary.

When visiting Dublin this is a good place to visit – away from modern Dublin, it will give you a chance to get to know this unique city and the events that shaped it.

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