Dublin is one of the most popular European cities to enjoy for a city break. Bursting with things to do, from theatres and cinemas to fine dining like this pizza restaurant Dublin forno500.ie and of course not forgetting the huge array of bars and clubs on offer in the city that Guinness originates from. It is also a city of history, and if you are visiting Dublin and want to see a huge part of that history, then head to Kilmainham gaol…

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This gaol opened up in 1796 – it has a long and bloody history and finally closed its doors in 1924, before becoming an educational and historical attraction for visitors who wanted to find out more about Dublin in the troubled times gone by.

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Rebellions that happened in Ireland were heavily punished, and as the Civil wars went on the leaders of the rebellions would be kept here – in terrible conditions, where they were sentenced to death, and were often executed right here, such as Joseph Plunkett in 1916.

Re-visit a lot of the history which has shaped Ireland here, where you will see exhibitions on various historical events and also be able to walk around the gaol itself, feeling how it must have been to be kept here, awaiting death, in conditions that were less than sanitary.

When visiting Dublin this is a good place to visit – away from modern Dublin, it will give you a chance to get to know this unique city and the events that shaped it.

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