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Our Favourite TV Vans

Vans have been a part of our popular culture for many decades now. Whether they appear in cartoon-form or on the silver screen, we love vans! The television is something that inspires us, and also helps to create memories, and platys a big part in modern popular culture – the demand for services like this TV aerial installation Cheltenham based service is always high! Here are some of the most iconic from the world of TV, that we’ve taken to our hearts and continue to enjoy to this day:

The A-team

The A Team’s van appearance signalled hope and rescue to many over the years who watched their adventures from the edge of their seats! This American adventure series aired between 1983 and 1987 and followed the actions of former members of the U.S Army Special Forces Unit. They had been court-martialed and wrongly imprisoned for a crime they didn’t commit, escaped from jail and went on the run. The four members were basically mercenaries, the leader being John ‘Hannibal’ Smith, Templeton Peck or ‘Face’, ‘Howling Mad’ Murdock and strong man Mr T. We loved how they could make anything out of what appeared to be useless garbage and generally fight off bad guys and save the day!

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Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine has been loved by kids since the late sixties and its part of our fond childhood memories. Scooby-Doo is an American cartoon that’s been running since 1969 and remains popular with the kids of today. It was aired on a Saturday morning for years by Hanna-Barbera Productions and features four teens trying to solve creepy mysteries. They are Fred Jones, Velma Dinkley, Daphne Blake and Norville Rogers, aka Shaggy. The star of the show is their giant, talking Great Dane called Scooby-Doo. All the mysteries appear to be supernatural, but the ending is always the big reveal of a person wearing a disguise. The comedy comes from the antics and clumsiness of Shaggy and Scooby.

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Only Fools & Horses

Is there anyone in the UK who doesn’t adore Only Fools and Horses? This fabulous sitcom written by John Sullivan is a timeless classic following the antics of two brothers from Peckham as they attempt to strike it rich whilst operating Trotters Independent Traders. Del Boy and Rodney don’t have much luck, but their ups and downs and the wonderful chemistry between characters makes this compelling viewing with plenty of real belly-laughs. Who could forget the iconic scene of Del falling back behind the bar while trying to play it cool?

Postman Pat

This British animated series was first produced by Woodland Animations and aired in 1981. Aimed at young children, the show soon became a massive hit as tales of a village postman called Pat Clifton entertained us. The fictional village of Greendale was inspired by a real village near Kendal. The bright red, friendly van, the calm, kind voice of Pat and his adorable black and white cat soon became a regular sight on TV sets across the land. The original scripts were written by John Cunliffe and the direction was provided by Ivor Wood, who had previously worked as an animator on The Wombles, Paddington Bear and The Magic Roundabout.

What is the role of a Mental Health Nurse?

Mental health issues can be caused by a variety of factors, including substance abuse, life events, and long-term physical illnesses. Mental health nurses help patients to cope with these challenges by establishing and maintaining effective relationships. They also help patients take medication, and advise on therapeutic interventions, therapy options, and social activities. Mental health nurses are incredibly important members of our health care system and play a critical role in promoting mental health. For details on Mental Health Courses, go to Tidal Training Mental Health Courses

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As a mental health nurse, you can work in GP surgeries, community health centres, psychiatric wards, residential care centres, and other settings. You may also work on specialist units focusing on a particular area, such as eating disorders. Alternatively, you can try out your skills on a clinical research project or become involved in management within a mental health care organisation or charity, for example.

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In the UK, one out of five people experience some form of mental illness during their lifetime. Yet, despite the fact that more people are aware of mental health issues, too few people receive the care they need. Ongoing mental health awareness campaigns seek to address this need. More than half of mental health organisations have cut programmes or faced closure. One-third of those surveyed said they feared that their organisation would not survive if they did not address the problem. These current conditions highlight the need for more qualified nurses in this particular field.


The Chernobyl Liquidators

In our modern world, we have resolutions to many of the issues that once posed a problem to us. Nuclear power is one of the most controversial topics of all and came with a huge array of solutions to our problems, but also created problems of its own. Read More

Top Tips for staying safe on UK motorways

It might not seem like it but the motorways in the UK are statistically the safest roads. They only account for 3% of accidents and 4% of fatalities. Because of the fast speeds involved though, when something does go wrong, it can have very serious consequences. Here are some tips for staying safe on the motorways:


Moving from the slip road onto the motorway, always indicate right to give other road users a clear signal of your intention to merge. Try to match your speed with that of the lane you’re merging with and always find a suitable gap. It’s important not to slow down too much or come to a complete stop as such actions could be dangerous and frustrating to others.

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It’s important to be in the left lane in plenty of time and be aware of the 100-yard markings approaching every exit. Aim to turn on your indicator by the 300-yard marker. Try to avoid decelerating whilst still on the motorway but reduce speed on the slip road as this is safer. Often slip roads have more than one lane, so be sure to get into the correct one for your destination.

Be Aware

Drive safely past any roadside assistance vehicles, such as those marked with Chapter 8 Chevrons. Find out more at

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Knowing the lanes

The left lane is designed for travelling in, whilst the middle and right-hand lane are for overtaking. You should avoid staying too long in either of these lanes and remaining in the middle lane is now an offence.


Tips for Choosing a Mobility Ramp

When choosing a mobility ramp, keep the following tips in mind. First, consider the patient’s mobility device. If the patient is recovering from surgery, they may still be using a wheelchair, rollator, or cane. In such a case, a portable ramp may be the best option. If not, consider a permanent ramp. It will make it easier for the patient to move around. Once you know what type of mobility device the person uses, you can start looking for the right mobility ramp. For Disability Aids, consider

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The maximum weight allowed for a mobility ramp should be carefully considered. It should be wide enough to allow the wheelchair or scooter to pass through, but not too wide as to make it difficult to fit to doorways or vehicles. You will need two measurements. The first is the height of the ramp to where it will rest, which is called the load weight. The second is the depth to make sure the ramp is long enough. It should have sufficient head clearance. If you’re unsure about the maximum weight of your wheelchair or scooter, you can consult the manufacturer for guidance. You’ll also need to consider the type of slope you’ll need, whether you need a wedge to enter a property, a ramp for stairs or a ramp for a vehicle, for example.

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Choosing the right length of a mobility ramp is crucial because it determines the slope a wheelchair or scooter will have to climb. If a mobility ramp is too short, the wheelchair or scooter will have too steep of a slope.You’ll need to check these regulations with the manufacturer of your power chair or scooter before choosing a mobility ramp.


Tips For Online Gambling

One of the most important tips for online gambling is to learn how to control your money. You can only be successful if you know how to manage your money, and this is not always easy. It’s important to set limits for how much you can spend at a time. Before you enter a gambling website, set a limit for how much you’re willing to lose. Once you hit that limit, don’t increase it. Understanding when to stop when it isn’t fun anymore is an important thing to learn about gambling.

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Another important tip is to know when to stop playing. You may feel tempted to keep playing after you win, but this is not a wise idea. Taking a break from online gambling can help you avoid spending too much. While winning can be rewarding, don’t think that you can afford to keep on playing indefinitely. That’s a common mistake that many people make and lose any money they might have won. Don’t get carried away! Online businesses can carry out important checks on those who play by using AML Identity Verification software. Find out more at w2globaldata

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As mentioned earlier, gambling requires a sound mind and a calm, rational attitude. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up losing a lot of money. Moreover, it’s better to stay away from alcohol and other substances that may impair your judgment. If you’re tired, you’re more likely to make a mistake and lose money. There are many other tips for online gambling that you can apply as you continue to learn the ins and outs of gambling safely.

Retro fitting your kitchen

If you have bought a new home and want to upgrade the kitchen you may need finance.  If you are a director of a business you may be able to facilitate the borrowing with a director’s guarantee.  This type of guarantee can be very advantageous and companies like Sam Conveyancing could be a great business to engage with to discuss your options further.  If you have always dreamed of a retro kitchen and are a director then this could be perfect for you.

The style is enjoying a resurgence in popularity and includes kitchens decorated in bright, vibrant colours and patterns and soft, rounded shapes.  If you want something unique and different for your kitchen space, here are some ways to create a retro feel in your home:

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Go for pastels

For retro kitsch, choose pastel shades and hues. Blues, greens, pinks and yellows are ideal for creating an understated look, especially if you paint just one wall in this colour whilst keeping the rest of the walls in a neutral shade like cream, latte or light grey.

Go for a breakfast bar

Kitchen diners are synonymous with retro chic. During the fifties, families combined traditional dining spaces with the kitchen to make a more open, sociable and cosy dining area. Think chrome-edged furniture, bright wipeable table tops and matching chairs.

Go retro with appliances

The perfect way to add some retro style to your kitchen is to do it through your appliances. This can provide a cheaper option to replacing all the cabinetry for example. Items like fridges, toasters and kettles are all available in retro designs. American-style fridges in pastel shades with rounded edges are a great investment, ideal for both a retro or contemporary style kitchen.

Cream cabinets

If you want to replace the cabinets, an authentic fifties look can be achieved by choosing cream-coloured cabinetry and a contrasting worktop. For the ultimate retro look, Formica worktops are a must.

Tiles for the splashback

Another look you can incorporate is a tiled splashback, which you can DIY if you’re on a budget. Think geometric patterns and pastel shades for the best retro design.

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Stainless steel

If you want retro but are not keen pastel, then consider an edgier look with curved stainless steel which gives a more industrial feel to your kitchen.

Shelving and artwork

Retro is all about creating a homely, family atmosphere that looks stunning but definitely lived-in. Therefore, it’s easy to add in lots of colourful accessories and retro prints for the walls.

Don’t forget the flooring

The mid-20th century saw new materials introduced to home décor, like plastic and vinyl for the first time. These materials were revolutionary for kitchen flooring especially. Consider patterned vinyl flooring for a fun and unique retro twist.

What is a brand identity prism

A Brand Strategy Agency and those individuals who work in marketing and branding will probably have heard of a brand identity prism. It will be a part of the work that companies like will undertake when they work with companies to develop a strategy for the brand.

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The concept was developed by Kapferer in 1986 and it is a prism that is hexagonal in shape and it looks at the six key elements that make up any brand. By working through each element of the prism, a business can get a clear picture of what their brand stands for and can develop a personality for that brand. It allows businesses to be reflective about their core values and for finding ways that they can reinforce the strength of their brand.

Jean-Noel Kapferer, who developed the concept of the brand prism looked at six key areas through which a brand is expressed. The overarching concept of the prism is to allow businesses to look at their brand from a wider perspective and to not only concentrate on elements such as the logo. It allows companies to use all the elements of the brand together to be able to tell the story of the business and the products within it.

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The six elements that make up the brand prism include:

  • Physique
  • Personality
  • Culture
  • Relationship
  • Reflection
  • Self-Image

These elements are then grouped together as those that are linked to the Picture of Sender, the Picture of the Receiver, those that are Internalisation and those that are Externalisation.

  • Picture of Sender – this is how the brand presents itself and it incorporates the elements of Physique and Personality.
  • Picture of Receiver – this is how the clients and customers of the company see the brand and it incorporates the elements of Reflection and Self-Image.
  • Internalisation – these are the elements that directly impact the Culture of the company and would include areas such as the company values and the policies and procedures that it develops.
  • Externalisation – these are the elements that the brand produces that affected the Relationship of the brand with its customers and clients. This is made up of areas such as the logo, products and services that are offered and any advertising that is undertaken.

Working through each of these areas in detail and highlighting what the elements are made up of a business can create a persona and an overall brand that is congruent and this can then be communicated through the business. This then enables everyone to ensure that the work they are doing is on brand and it further helps to strengthen the brand identity that is portrayed to customers and clients.

The Origins of Valentine’s Day – Going Back to the Romans

January is over at long last and as we welcome February, the month of love, and couples all over the world start to think about ways to celebrate Valentine’s day. From luxury boxes of chocolates to beautiful professional bouquets of flowers like these from Tewkesbury Florist the Flower Shed, do many of us actually know the origins of valentine’s day and why it is that on 14th February each year we all celebrate love with one another? Well, here you can find out…

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There are many stories about the original Saint Valentine, which all differ from one to another, so a lot of the earliest origins are shrouded in thousands of years of mystery. Most historians would agree that it was something that started with the Romans. In the Roman days, a feast was held between 13th – 15th February, which was the start of the agricultural year and was held to bring fertility. This date has stuck, but the festival certainly changed a lot!

A few centuries later, the Pope, who wanted to get rid of the traditional pagan festivals and replace them with Catholic celebrations, replaced the Roman festival of Lupercalia with Saint Valentine’s Day to honour two martyred Christians who were named Valentine and were executed by the Roman Emperor Claudius II. Although it was still a day of fertility, gone were the wild naked Roman parties that were used to celebrate the day and it became much more sedate.

Over the years, the day became a popular way of romance, with young sweethearts sending one another cards as far back as the middle ages, and of course it was William Shakespeare who also made romantic references to the day, making it more popular. The celebrations made their way around different parts of the world as travel around the world started to increase, and of course during the Industrial Revolution and the Victorian era it started to become something that we are more familiar with it being today.

Because of the new factories that were popping up everywhere during this time, there was money to be made from everything. So of course, greetings cards companies jumped on the bandwagon, taking it that step closer to the very commercialised day that it is now. Victorians loved greetings cards (although many Victorian era cards were a little strange by our modern standards!) and of course, Valentine’s Day became a big hit in the UK, as well as in America, where factories also opened to create cards for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

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So if you are stressing about what to buy your beloved, or trying to book a table at the most romantic restaurant in town this year, just remember, it isn’t really about love at all – it was a fertility feast held at the start of the agricultural year!

Considerations For Investing in Multiple Properties

There are many advantages to owning multiple properties. In the short term, you’ll have a positive cash flow, and over time, your investment should appreciate in value. The longer you own the properties, the greater the benefits. However, if you don’t have the capital necessary to make an initial down payment, you may want to consider the long term benefits of owning more than one property. Before you decide to invest, consult with an expert in property to learn about the pros and cons of this strategy.

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When you own multiple properties, your expenses may increase. You’ll be responsible for paying property taxes, insurance for rental properties, and maintenance costs. If you own more than one property, you’ll have to worry about paying property management fees and other unexpected costs. This could put a damper on your cash flow and lead you to consider owning less rather than holding a portfolio. In addition, if you’re a first-time investor, you might have trouble qualifying for financing the purchase of multiple properties.

Owning multiple properties can be a lucrative opportunity if you pay attention to your finances. Renting your properties can create a steady stream of income, and you can save the profit for repairs or to pay the mortgage. If you own more than one property, you can use that profit to buy another income property, or to make a down payment on another income property. It’s also a smart way to diversify your portfolio.

There are also risks to buying multiple properties. Buying multiple properties will double your expenses. You’ll need to pay for property taxes, rent management fees, and special insurance for rental properties. Not only will you be faced with higher expenses, but you’ll also face unforeseen issues. It’s best to avoid empty units unless you are able to make the necessary repairs. In the end, owning multiple properties will give you the opportunity to earn a steady income.

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In addition to increased costs, owning multiple properties also allows you to leverage your income from one property. For instance, if you own multiple properties, you can use the equity in one of them to finance the purchase of another. This means that you can utilise your equity in one to fund a down payment on a new property. You can also use your profits to fix up your other properties. For information on the possibility of a SDLT Refund for multiple property purchases, visit

You need to consider the expense of property taxes, insurance for rental properties, and property management fees. Moreover, you should be prepared for the unexpected expenses that may arise. Additionally, you must be aware of the tax implications of investing in multiple properties. Therefore, you should carefully consider the costs before you make a decision to invest in more than one property.