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What are the advantages of working as a locum doctor?

Once a GP has qualified from medical school and undertaken their placements it is time for them to decide on where they would like to work. Some GPs choose to work in general practice in NHS surgeries others prefer to look to private practice. There is also a third option which is to work as a locum. All doctors surgeries will have Locum Insurance like that offered by MPRS Locum Insurance that will cover the costs of needing a locum to come in and fulfil the role of a GP for a given period of time. Without this type of insurance, it can be incredibly expensive for a doctors surgery to have the cover support that they need to be able to run their surgery efficiently and effectively for their patients.

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There are many advantages to working as a locum and some of these include:

  • Have final choice over when and where you work and the ability to decide how many hours your work each week and the daily schedule that you want to work to.

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  • Can work around other commitments such as family or other part-time jobs that you may have and will be able to take time off when needed rather than needing to negotiate these on a rota basis.
  • By being a locum in the geographical area that you want to work in you will be making contacts in lots of different GP practices and you may be the first one to find out when they have a permanent vacancy available.

What should you do with your old mobile phone?

Following on from the recent COP26 conference, it seems that we are all responsible for trying to save the planet. The environmental cost to the Earth from using a mobile phone is just one of the many things we all need to look at. Local Vodafone stores in Ireland, for example, are full of new models that have recycled parts in them. Vodafone Store Ireland based centres are helpful as the staff can assist you.

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There is a growing pile of disused mobile phones that is getting more significant year on year. So what can we do with them all? The simple answer is to pass them on to developing countries. Once the phone is cleaned of data and personal information taken out, your old phone is due to become someone else’s property. So it’s a way to keep up with the latest technology, but you can be assured that the phone is going to a good cause.

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The use of nickel in phones is one of the most contentious issues that you can associate with the phone. However, mining this metal is very intrusive, as you would expect with mining in general. The problem is that there are very few, if any, alternatives to using nickel. The production of components has also taken a downturn in the recent COVID lockdowns. So it might be an idea to hold on to it for a while before you change it.

Fashion entries in the Guinness Book of World Records

Fashion is one of the biggest global industries and so it’s no wonder that people have dedicated their lives to looking good, collecting items of clothing and even achieving an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records. So, for all those who can’t wait to find out about the latest trends and update their wardrobes, here are some of the most impressive world records all involving fashion:

Longest Fashion Show – The Blossom Charity in Ipswich, UK staged a fashion show that lasted for a whopping 30 hours! It took place over the 13th and 14th October 2017 and was aimed at raising money and awareness for the charity.

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Most Wins At A Fashion Show – This prestigious record belongs to Alexander McQueen. By 2016, the British designer had won 10 awards at the Fashion Awards since it started in 1984. 10 awards puts McQueen one ahead of the second place designer – Burberry. For your own new designer duds, consider Mens Mish Mash Clothes from a site like

Biggest Fashion Retail Store – The biggest retail store is not found in America but in Birmingham, England. The Primark Store in Birmingham’s Pavilion measures 14,761 metres squared when it was measured in April 2019. Now, that’s a lot of clothing aisles to get lost in!

Longest Fashion Shoes – Pointed toe shoe styles first began to appear in the 11th century and were known as Pike shoes. By the 15th century, the styles were at quite ridiculous lengths. They were also known as poulaines or crackowes and could reach 18 inches!

Biggest Fashion Show Audience – On 18th May 2000, the Victoria Secret Fashion Show achieved an audience of over 2 million people who logged onto their website to watch. The show was hosted by Elton John and Elizabeth Taylor and raised more than $2 million for an AIDS charity.

Largest Photo Shoot – Organised by Lunav Events in April 2019 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 320 people were part of a photo shoot. The event was staged to promote the company’s summer clothing collection.

Most Fashion Models In One Show – In February 2020, Imaginative Fashion in Spain organised a fashion show with 421 models. The show took place in Madrid and the same show also achieved another record breaking entry in the Guinness Book of World Records – that of most nationalities in a fashion show.

Most Twitter Followers For A Fashion Personality – This record belongs to Kim Kardashian West who had almost 60 million followers as of April 2018. This makes her the most popular fashion personality on the social media platform and 12th highest for followers overall.

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Most Wins Of Model Of The Year At Fashion Awards – This enviable record belongs to Kate Moss, the British model who has won more awards than any other model since the inception of the awards in 1984. Moss has won 6 times since 1996 and has featured on the cover of Vogue magazine more than any other model.

Decorating your First Home as a Landlord – What to Remember

If you have decided that you are going to become a landlord and have bought your first property, congratulations! A property to rent out is a great investment, which can give you an income into retirement and also be handed down to family in your will. Read More

Workplace Accidents and Dangers

The workplace is a lot safer than it used to be – the law has changed a lot over the years to ensure that there are high standards that reduce risks that can happen in the workplace. Of course, there are higher risks in some jobs than in others – a tree surgeon is much more likely to be injured than an office worker is for example!

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But there are things that can potentially happen in all workplaces, no p=matter how safe you may think it is – for this reason you should always have staff who have been trained in first aid by a professional, like this first aid at work Cheltenham based course as you never know what might happen.

Machinery Accidents – These sorts of accidents can be very nasty or even fatal – the sorts of industries where they are more likely to happen include construction, agriculture and factory based work, where there are lots of large machines around all the time. When working with machinery, it is important that all staff who use it are thoroughly trained to do so, and that all staff are aware of the safety guidelines and safe working procedures.

Women in the Workplace: overcoming 4 common challenges - Renovo UK

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Chemical or Substance related Accidents – These are the sorts of accidents that could happen in a laboratory, waste disposal or maybe in a construction environment – substances like asbestos are extremely dangerous and proper training must be given to people who are likely to be working with dangerous substances.

Electrical Accidents – Wherever there are electricals there is the potential for an electrical accident – an office is the obvious place as it is full of many electrical items, and often these can cause electric shocks or fires. It is important that electrical items are tested regularly to ensure that they are safe.

Three Wintery Walks to Enjoy in Largs

Christmas is a time of the year that can cause a lot of stress – whether you have lots to prepare for, or family feuds, it is important to be able to take time away from all of that to ease the pressure on yourself.

Walking is not only beneficial for your body, but it can also help to soothe the stress on your mind too. Being out in nature is a magical and relaxing experience, and even in the winter, wrap up warm and head out and about.

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One of the best places to walk in the UK is Largs – not only are there lots of things to do in Largs but also plenty of beautiful surrounding countryside for you to enjoy a walk in. Here are three places to go to where you can enjoy a walk and some peace and quiet…

Ness Den – Head into the woods on this beautiful walk. Make your way through the forests and over bridges to marvel in the beautiful landscape. It is a great walk to enjoy on a clear night as the skies here are clear and bright, so a fantastic spot for astronomy.

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Castle Hill – if you are looking for a winter walk that really gets the heart going, then head to castle hill. You will also be rewarded with a fantastic view from the top, as well as a burial chamber over 5000 years old!

Lugar Water – For a bit of birdwatching and some tranquil waterside scenery, then here is the place to go. There are many water birds, such as dippers that can be seen here.

Three New Years Resolutions for 2022

As we come to the end of 2021, it is a time to reflect on our lives and make positive changes for the year ahead. Making new years resolutions is something that we can do to help improve our lives and overall happiness. If you are currently pondering on the things that you can do to invite positive change in the new year, here are some new years resolutions that you might like to try…

Being More Healthy – Health is so important, so now is the time to consider whether you can make changes to your life that will make you healthier. Maybe you could incorporate more fruit and vegetables into your diet to increase your vitamins, or maybe you want to lose weight. Other good changes to improve your health are giving up smoking and drinking alcohol – many people do dry January and notice a vast improvement in their health.

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A New Job – If you are stuck in a job rut and want to find a new job or even a new career think about how you can do that. If you are looking for a particular role, look for specialist recruitment agencies in that industry such as this procurement recruitment agency – or if it is a new career you want, think about how you can go about making that change and getting the qualifications you need.

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Increasing your Positivity and Happiness – Being happy comes form having a positive outlook on life. The past couple of years have been so hard for many people, but having a positive mindset is a good way to feel happier. Be thankful for the things that you have and switch off the negative information, such as the news.

Three Ways to Help the Wildlife over the Winter Months

Over the winter, the local wildlife has a hard time. The bad weather means that food and shelter are harder to find than in the warmer months, so making your garden a haven for wildlife over the winter can really help the creatures that live in your area. Here are some things that you can do to give the wildlife a happy place to spend time this winter…

Plant Trees – Planting trees is something that you can do for the future and for the planet as a whole. A tree in the garden provides a home and a food source to many different creatures from bees and butterflies to birds and mammals. Make sure that you keep it well looked after with the help of someone like this Dorset tree surgeon

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Create a Bird Table – A bird table is not only a great way to help the birds over the wintertime, but is also good fun to watch. You can build your own or buy one ready-made – the key here is that it is high off the ground and safe from local cats and other predators. Food like fat balls and nuts go down well as well as leftovers like bacon fat! Provide fresh water too, especially when temperatures go below freezing.

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Home for Hedgehogs – Leaves in the garden may be a menace but they can easily be turned into a perfect hedgehog house. Sweep them into large piles in an undisturbed part of the garden and it creates a place for hedgehogs, frogs and slow worms to settle in over winter.

How to be a safer forklift truck operator

If you’ve only recently received your forklift truck training, the start of each shift can feel a little nerve wracking. There are still things to learn and a great deal of knowledge comes from hands-on experience. Here are some tips on how to a better and safer forklift operator:

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Inspection – No matter how rushed we might be in the morning, never forget to carry out a pre-shift inspection of the machinery. Don’t assume that the last person to use it carried out the same checks. Forklifts can be hazardous vehicles, so always ensure that it is checked over before the start of a shift and at the end. When you want to see Electric Pallet Trucks Ireland, Click here for a range of electric pallet trucks in Ireland

Entering and exiting – Many of the most common accidents occur on entering or exiting the cabin. Always be aware of the surroundings, as there could be a step or a slippery surface, for example. Always bring the forklift to a complete standstill before exiting.

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Stay focused – Operating any kind of machinery in a noisy and bustling environment requires a good level of focus and concentration to do so safely. Avoid distractions and always keep alert for potential hazards around you.

Be comfortable – If you’re working in hot, stuffy environments then be sure to wear moisture wicking clothing to stay comfortable. For working in very cold temperatures, ensure you wear enough layers as getting too cold can slow down your reaction times. Always remember safety gear too, such as a hard hat and steel toe cap shoes or boots.

Table decoration ideas for your wedding

After all of the beautiful pomp and circumstance of the wedding ceremony, it’s time to retire to the fun part of the day. The wedding reception and party are the parts that everyone looks forward to. It’s time to loosen those ties, lose the fascinators and prepare yourself for the sumptuous wedding breakfast and the speeches. As the father of the bride begins, it might be that your eye is drawn to the table decorations. Would you choose them for your wedding?

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Table decorations need to reflect the colour scheme of the wedding. They can’t be massive as they distract from the conversation going on. The last thing the guests want is to keep looking around a table decoration to chat with someone. When you choose an excellent location like Barn Wedding Venue Kent way such as, you’ll know that the decorations will complement the surroundings perfectly.

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Overall the tables themselves will need to be clearly marked. Sometimes a theme can be employed surrounding the couple’s likes such as place names that the couple has visited. However, plain numbers are also perfectly acceptable. One thing that is vital is placing name cards. You would be surprised how much of the planning of the wedding is centred around who sits where. The main aim is to avoid arguments and to figure out which people will actually get on sitting together.