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Three New Years Resolutions for 2022

As we come to the end of 2021, it is a time to reflect on our lives and make positive changes for the year ahead. Making new years resolutions is something that we can do to help improve our lives and overall happiness. If you are currently pondering on the things that you can do to invite positive change in the new year, here are some new years resolutions that you might like to try…

Being More Healthy – Health is so important, so now is the time to consider whether you can make changes to your life that will make you healthier. Maybe you could incorporate more fruit and vegetables into your diet to increase your vitamins, or maybe you want to lose weight. Other good changes to improve your health are giving up smoking and drinking alcohol – many people do dry January and notice a vast improvement in their health.

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A New Job – If you are stuck in a job rut and want to find a new job or even a new career think about how you can do that. If you are looking for a particular role, look for specialist recruitment agencies in that industry such as this procurement recruitment agency – or if it is a new career you want, think about how you can go about making that change and getting the qualifications you need.

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Increasing your Positivity and Happiness – Being happy comes form having a positive outlook on life. The past couple of years have been so hard for many people, but having a positive mindset is a good way to feel happier. Be thankful for the things that you have and switch off the negative information, such as the news.

Three Ways to Help the Wildlife over the Winter Months

Over the winter, the local wildlife has a hard time. The bad weather means that food and shelter are harder to find than in the warmer months, so making your garden a haven for wildlife over the winter can really help the creatures that live in your area. Here are some things that you can do to give the wildlife a happy place to spend time this winter…

Plant Trees – Planting trees is something that you can do for the future and for the planet as a whole. A tree in the garden provides a home and a food source to many different creatures from bees and butterflies to birds and mammals. Make sure that you keep it well looked after with the help of someone like this Dorset tree surgeon

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Create a Bird Table – A bird table is not only a great way to help the birds over the wintertime, but is also good fun to watch. You can build your own or buy one ready-made – the key here is that it is high off the ground and safe from local cats and other predators. Food like fat balls and nuts go down well as well as leftovers like bacon fat! Provide fresh water too, especially when temperatures go below freezing.

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Home for Hedgehogs – Leaves in the garden may be a menace but they can easily be turned into a perfect hedgehog house. Sweep them into large piles in an undisturbed part of the garden and it creates a place for hedgehogs, frogs and slow worms to settle in over winter.

How to be a safer forklift truck operator

If you’ve only recently received your forklift truck training, the start of each shift can feel a little nerve wracking. There are still things to learn and a great deal of knowledge comes from hands-on experience. Here are some tips on how to a better and safer forklift operator:

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Inspection – No matter how rushed we might be in the morning, never forget to carry out a pre-shift inspection of the machinery. Don’t assume that the last person to use it carried out the same checks. Forklifts can be hazardous vehicles, so always ensure that it is checked over before the start of a shift and at the end. When you want to see Electric Pallet Trucks Ireland, Click here for a range of electric pallet trucks in Ireland

Entering and exiting – Many of the most common accidents occur on entering or exiting the cabin. Always be aware of the surroundings, as there could be a step or a slippery surface, for example. Always bring the forklift to a complete standstill before exiting.

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Stay focused – Operating any kind of machinery in a noisy and bustling environment requires a good level of focus and concentration to do so safely. Avoid distractions and always keep alert for potential hazards around you.

Be comfortable – If you’re working in hot, stuffy environments then be sure to wear moisture wicking clothing to stay comfortable. For working in very cold temperatures, ensure you wear enough layers as getting too cold can slow down your reaction times. Always remember safety gear too, such as a hard hat and steel toe cap shoes or boots.

Table decoration ideas for your wedding

After all of the beautiful pomp and circumstance of the wedding ceremony, it’s time to retire to the fun part of the day. The wedding reception and party are the parts that everyone looks forward to. It’s time to loosen those ties, lose the fascinators and prepare yourself for the sumptuous wedding breakfast and the speeches. As the father of the bride begins, it might be that your eye is drawn to the table decorations. Would you choose them for your wedding?

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Table decorations need to reflect the colour scheme of the wedding. They can’t be massive as they distract from the conversation going on. The last thing the guests want is to keep looking around a table decoration to chat with someone. When you choose an excellent location like Barn Wedding Venue Kent way such as, you’ll know that the decorations will complement the surroundings perfectly.

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Overall the tables themselves will need to be clearly marked. Sometimes a theme can be employed surrounding the couple’s likes such as place names that the couple has visited. However, plain numbers are also perfectly acceptable. One thing that is vital is placing name cards. You would be surprised how much of the planning of the wedding is centred around who sits where. The main aim is to avoid arguments and to figure out which people will actually get on sitting together.

Why choose metal glue over other methods?

There are numerous ways to bond metal to metal, so why choose an adhesive method? Here we look at some of the different ways, such as fastening and welding and why a metal adhesive offers a superior outcome.

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Fastening – Screwing and bolting are common methods for attaching metal surfaces to each other. They are often used for temporary or semi-temporary joints. However, such fastenings are prone to several problems, including corrosion, loosening and the need for accurately placed holes to fasten to. A metal adhesive, however, is just as suitable for temporary joins and when removed, will leave no damage or evidence behind like bolts and screws do. Adhesives are lighter, seal against corrosion and offer a more even distribution of weight over the surface making the structure stronger. Some adhesives also offer heat and chemical resistance. For Metal bonding adhesive, visit a site like Metal bonding adhesive from CT1

Welding – Similar to adhesives, welding offers better stress distribution. Welding also doesn’t require the holes that screws and bolts do. However, welding is a specialist task that requires certain labour and training costs whereas adhesives don’t. Welding also requires inspection afterwards but adhesives don’t. Only a basic level of training is required to use metal adhesives, making it a more cost effective option. Welding involves rapid heat fluctuations that can damage the metal and make it more prone to corrosion.

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Metal adhesives often don’t require high heat application and leave no damage to the surface of the metal. This is what makes them such a popular choice.

Three Things to Do to Prepare your House for the Winter Weather

With winter well on the way now, it is time to protect your home for all that winter can bring. Making sure that you stay warm and dry in your home over the winter is important, so here are some of the things that you can do to help your home keep you safe over the coming months…

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Look after the Pipes – The bad weather means that you are much more likely to experience problems with pipes – blockages in pipes can lead to flooding over the winter as the rainfall increases and as temperatures drop, pipes become vulnerable to freezing, especially if you live in an older property which of course will have older pipes. Clear out the gutters before winter set in and also look into using pipe protectors like these to reduce the risks to your pipes.

Make sure that the Garden is Prepared – If you have anything in the garden that needs repairs – from the greenhouse to the fence to the garden shed now is the time to do it. You may also want to move garden furniture in to protect it from the winter weather or failing that weigh it down with sandbags to prevent it from blowing away in high winds.

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Get on the Roof – The roof can spring a leak or suffer damage in the winter as it comes under the biggest strain. Have any loose tiles repaired and look for any areas that may be vulnerable to developing a leak and have them fixed.

Three Nuclear Power Plant Accidents that Have had Huge Consequences

Sadly, there are lots of places around the world where the land is poisoned and full of various toxins. In some cases, it is possible to get a specialist contaminated land remediation company such as to clean the land and make it safe once again, however this is not something that can always be done. One of the disasters which can occur and have devastating consequences for both the land and the local life there, human, plants and animals alike is an accident at a nuclear power plant.

Here are just a few of the accidents which have happened at nuclear power stations since they were first created, and the effects that they had on the surrounding area…

Chernobyl 1986 – Well this is the big one that springs to mind for everyone isn’t it. This was a disaster on a huge scale, affecting many other countries and causing enormous devastation to land surrounding the plant, as well as having an effect on land all over Europe. Of course, the area itself was the worst affected – the forest in the immediate vicinity of the plant was exposed to such high radiation levels initially that many trees died instantly. The people living in the area were eventually evacuated as radiation levels surged in the region, and areas as far away from the plant as the Welsh hills were stopped from being used for sheep farming as radiation from the plant was found there after weather systems brought it from the Ukraine.

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Windscale 1957 – Nearly 30 years before Chernobyl happened, the UK had a terrible nuclear power station disaster of its own – Windscale. This was the plant that is now known as Sellafield, based in Cumbria, northern England. The two nuclear reactors that were built here in the 1950s were originally here to provide materials for Britain’s own nuclear weapons program during the early days of the cold war.

However, one morning in October the core of the reactor began to quickly heat up and become out of control – workers battled to cool it down, but it was no good and a fire broke out at the plant. Eventually, the air supply to the reactor was cut and the fire went out, but it had released lots of nuclear particles to the surrounding area – in the weeks after milk produced in the countryside around the plant was destroyed, and it is estimated that around 240 cases of cancer are linked to the disaster.

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Three Mile Island 1979 – This is classed as the worst accident in the United States nuclear power industry, happening in the state of Pennsylvania. The core of the power station heated uncontrollably hotter and hotter and as workers attempted to desperately prevent a meltdown at the plant which was becoming something that was looking frighteningly likely to happen, water with contaminated nuclear particles was leaked from the plant. There was also an escape of some contaminated hydrogen gas, 2 days after this incident. Although there were not many reports of the consequences of this, the incident alarmed many people and made them wary of nuclear power.

The effects of hemiplegia on movement in the body

Hemiplegias can occur when there is injury or damage to the spinal cord or the brain. The location of the damage will determine what symptoms the individual will experience but nearly all people with hemiplegia will experience paralysis on one side of the body. This can be common when a person has suffered from a stroke.

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Due to the weakness and muscle control issues that then occur in the paralysed side, the individual may need help with everyday activities and in some cases, Mobility Aids like those from Ability Superstore can help and in more severe cases the individual may need care support.

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The symptoms can occur as a result of a traumatic birth or injury during gestation and birth as well as, as a result of an injury in later life or a stroke. When the issue occurs in early life it is known as congenital hemiplegia and if it occurs after the age of 2 it is known as acquired hemiplegia.

In both cases, the symptoms are not progressive, which means that they will not get worse over time. This gives the individual a chance to find treatments and support that will help them with any tasks and activities that they may find challenging. The main symptoms experienced can include muscle weakness and numbness, trouble walking, poor fine motor skills, difficulty holding objects and poor balance.

How to decorate your dining table

More and more people are finding ways to make the Connubia Calligaris Tables that they have in their dining rooms, a real feature of the room. There are ways that you can take the Connubia Calligaris Tables from Nua Style and with some careful thought and planning, add some elements to them that decorate them beautifully. Here are some things to think about when planning table decorations.

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Table protection – any item that you decide to display on your tables such as a vase or ornament should be placed on a suit mat or table cloth so that it does not scratch or stain the table underneath it. You can make the cloth or mat a part of the overall look of your decoration.

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Seasonality – having different items or colours on your table, at different times of the year can be a great way to celebrate the different seasons and to alternate your decoration styles. You will want to keep in mind the overall decor and colours that you use in your dining room so as to ensure that you match and complement these with any items that you place in the centre of the table.

Function – there are many items that you can use to decorate a dining room table that can also be functional. These include vases that can hold flowers as well as candle holders that can help to provide atmospheric lit to any family meal.

The Story of Daniel Edmund Williams and Tullamore Whiskey

Ireland is home to many world-famous historic figures who have achieved great things – from poets like Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett, to scientists like Robert Boyle and Ernest Walton, there is no shortage of great achievements in Irelands history. However, someone that many people may not have heard of, who is also worthy of making the list of great Irish achievers is Daniel Edmund Williams.

If you have never heard of him, you may have heard of the product that he created – Tullamore Dew (the Dew is the initials of the man himself!) one of the most popular and celebrated whiskeys, not only in Ireland but in the world!

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Modern day Tullamore is a pretty town, full of both historic buildings and modern amenities and services – if you need to upgrade your mobile phone for example, you can visit Vodafone Tullamore store King Communications. However, the distillery which made the town famous is of course still here and this is where the story of Tullamore Whiskey began.

Daniel Edmund Williams started working here as a young boy of fifteen. Doing manual labouring jobs, his keen interest and passion for the distillery and the process of creating whiskey shone through and at the age of 25 he was made the manager of the whole place.

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As well as creating the famous Tullamore Dew, another popular creation that the distillery is known for is Irish mist – this was the first whiskey liquor to come out in Ireland and has remained popular ever since.