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Do you want to make this autumn an unforgettable one for your children, but don’t know what creative activities you can do together during the upcoming season? Here are 5 fun and original ideas of how you can spend your time together this fall!

Have a photo shoot

No autumn would be complete without a classic fall photo shoot in a pumpkin patch or a park with colorful trees. Although this activity is regarded by many as being too basic, it is a wonderful way to add new photos to your family album and observe how your babies have grown over time. Dress your kids in warm slacks, an Irish knit sweater, a jacket, and their favorite boots and be ready to take lots of heartwarming photos.

Organize their wardrobe

If you want to teach your kids to take care of their clothes while also developing their own sense of style, try organizing their wardrobe together this fall. Let them help you declutter those clothes that they don’t fit into anymore and go shopping together to choose their new garments. Remember to ask their opinion on the garments that you want to buy, for example, these sweaters for kids that we’ve previously mentioned make wonderful everyday clothes for the cold months, so ask your kids what color they prefer and teach them how to wear them correctly to spark their interest in fashion.

Wax painting

If your child is already old enough for you to trust him around fire, one of the most popular activities of this summer has been wax painting, an activity that involves using hot beeswax to paint on different surfaces. In my opinion, using wax to paint on a white, basic candle is the most interesting activity for kids, because since they don’t paint with the usual supplies, it sparks their creativity and their motor skills. Plus, you’ll get your one-of-a-kind candles that you can use to decorate the house once the holidays arrive or light up during movie nights to create the perfect ambiance.

Go apple picking

During the next months, it is important to spend as much time outside as possible to fully experience all the beauties of nature that this time of the year has to offer. Apple picking is one other popular outdoor activity especially for those kids who live in an apartment and don’t know too much about where fruits come from. Take your kids to a local farm to show them the apple trees and teach them about different sorts of apples that they can pick. This will be a lesson for them about where fruits come from and what yummy things we can make out of them.

Bake some treats

Lastly, it would be impossible to make a list of autumn activities and not mention baking. Once the weather gets colder and gloomier, it is the perfect time to dig your baking supplies and start making delicious pies, strudels, cakes, and salty snacks for your family. You can try some new recipes like cream-cheese filled pumpkin cookies, salted caramel apple pie, cinnamon rolls with jam and syrup, or bake some goodies that your family has loved for years. Make your kids feel involved in the process by asking them to mix the batter, choose the toppings, and roll the dough so that they will enjoy the treats even more.

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