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Table decoration ideas for your wedding

After all of the beautiful pomp and circumstance of the wedding ceremony, it’s time to retire to the fun part of the day. The wedding reception and party are the parts that everyone looks forward to. It’s time to loosen those ties, lose the fascinators and prepare yourself for the sumptuous wedding breakfast and the speeches. As the father of the bride begins, it might be that your eye is drawn to the table decorations. Would you choose them for your wedding?

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Table decorations need to reflect the colour scheme of the wedding. They can’t be massive as they distract from the conversation going on. The last thing the guests want is to keep looking around a table decoration to chat with someone. When you choose an excellent location like Barn Wedding Venue Kent way such as, you’ll know that the decorations will complement the surroundings perfectly.

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Overall the tables themselves will need to be clearly marked. Sometimes a theme can be employed surrounding the couple’s likes such as place names that the couple has visited. However, plain numbers are also perfectly acceptable. One thing that is vital is placing name cards. You would be surprised how much of the planning of the wedding is centred around who sits where. The main aim is to avoid arguments and to figure out which people will actually get on sitting together.

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