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Has the time come to choose your wedding rings and are you full of doubts? Do you like something very exclusive, do you prefer traditional rings, or are you looking for types of wedding rings in line with the theme of your wedding?

Nowadays you can find wedding rings practically for all tastes. It’s a relief, don’t you think? Many jewelry stores offer a wide variety of wedding bands, but there are also specialized stores where they help you create your ring customized for you and your boy.

6 types of wedding rings

I come to talk to you about wedding rings. Stay, because we will see a wide variety of styles and prices.

You will spend many years with your wedding ring probably for the rest of your life. My advice is that you do not take very lightly the decision to choose anyone.

Think about how you are, how you dress and, above all, what is the way you understand life. Keep in mind, also, the theme of your wedding, how your relationship with your partner is and what is your personality.

I have been visiting some stores where I have seen very beautiful rings, and I want to share 6 types of wedding rings with you.



Did you know that 24 karat gold is softer than 18 karat gold? Sometimes, we believe that having more carats will be better. It is not like that. 18 karat gold has 75% gold and 25% alloy. If you wanted the 24-killer one, it carries more percentage of gold. However, it is much softer. Your ring could suffer any damage at the slightest blow. Curious, right?



If you want to leave the gold and silver classics, there are also more colors for your wedding ring. In this year 2018, the trend is still rose gold.

And if you want to break the whole tradition, whatever the theme of your wedding, the coolest are the black gold rings. You can find them smooth or with diamonds. But, what is most striking is the finish. I love the “sandy” finish they have given this ring.



They start seeing each other quite¬†often in any jewel. The ring combined wedding is a very useful alternative when you do not know why metal decide. But, if I’m honest, I like the rings combined with the three gold’s, yellow, white and pink.



Traditionally, diamonds have always been more appropriate for engagement rings. However, now you can also find a wedding ring with diamonds. It can be whole of diamonds.



If you want to reflect some detail of your partner in your wedding band, it is also possible. It is common, for example, to find wedding rings with the partner’s DNA or with floral motifs, but with a lot of meaning for both of us.



Weddings with a specific theme are becoming more frequent. And manufacturers of wedding bands and jewelry know it. Therefore, you can also choose your wedding ring very much in line with your wedding. Without a doubt, something you’ll never forget.

If you are going to celebrate a wedding with a clear theme oriented to the past, with a marked vintage style, you can also choose your wedding ring with that style.


As you know, the most common metals in any wedding band are silver, gold, and platinum. Silver is the cheapest metal, while platinum is the most expensive.

Jewelers never work any of the three metals in their maximum purity. This is because they carry alloy metals. For example, silver carries copper) that gives them the hardness and durability of these precious materials.

In the case of gold, we can find it with several levels of purity. There is that of 9 carats, which has a purity of 37.5%, that of 14 carats, with a purity of 58.5%, that of 18 carats, with a purity of 75%. You already know that 24 karat gold is not advisable because of how vulnerable it is to any small blow.

The silver of the 1st law has 92.5% purity and the platinum of law has 95% purity. As for the finishes of these metals, both silver and white gold have rhodium plating. Rhodium is a much more precious metal than gold. This they do to give more shine to the pieces. You know that this rhodium bath has to make a jeweler every so often. This is because over time it deteriorates. Thus, you will always have your ring as the first day.

In addition to the traditional glossy finish of any wedding band, we can now find a variety of other finishes. There is the ice effect, the scratched texture, or the satin finish. Any of them is especially beautiful and further personalizes your precious wedding band.

Have you already chosen your wedding ring? Are you very traditional, or do you like to break the usual? Tell us.

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