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How to use vpn on smart TV

How to use vpn on smart TV?

Smart TVs ( SmartTVs ) connected to the internet are increasingly popular and appreciated by consumers. With the boom of online streaming services such as Netflix and Prime Video, it becomes convenient to have a large connected screen to enjoy the content, perhaps in 4K with HDR. Read More

ssd recover deleted files

How ssd recover deleted files? Quick tricks

Files can be mistakenly deleted or lost due to a system error. In such cases, is it possible to recover deleted files on SSD as in traditional HDD? In modern computers, solid-state drives (SSDs) are replacing conventional hard drives. They are much faster, more reliable due to the lack of mechanical parts and consume less energy. However, all these features cannot prevent the loss of files in SSDs. Many SSD file recovery software vendors say it’s possible, let’s see, then if and how it’s possible.

But it’s true? Well, the answer is not that simple because following normal recovery procedures, it is almost impossible to recover deleted files from an SSD drive. To get good results and hope to save your files, it is necessary to take into account some particular aspects that we will illustrate in the guide. Which? We will give you the answer below. In recovering deleted files on SSD, we will be helped by the free R-Undelete program that you will have to download on your computer, of which we will indicate the download link. If you have an external hard drive that isn’t detected, here’s how ssd recover deleted files.

How ssd recover deleted files?

ssd recover deleted files

SSD and Laptop,solid state drive with sata 6 gb connection

When the operating system deletes a file, it usually marks it as unnecessary. Like Windows, some systems continue to store almost all the information of that file until the space occupied by this file becomes necessary to store another file. Some systems, such as macOS and Linux, instead immediately destroy that information, but all of them retain the file’s contents and its original location on the storage device.

Decent software to recover deleted files on SSD can find the information of that file and restore it with the file name and other attributes, or at least find its content on the device and restore it as a new file. File attributes can be lost, but the content cannot.

Conventional HDDs provide access to all of its storage space directly and unambiguously. If the system says, the data starts at Sector 28328450. This will be the unique location on the disk. That’s why you can read the disc from start to finish looking for lost files.

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How does SSD work?

SSDs work differently. They constantly shuffle data across their internal cells to balance their wear and tear, and only the device knows where the file data is stored at any given time. The system has no control over this process and has no means of knowing the data’s actual location within the device. When it deletes a file, it issues a special TRIM command that informs the SSD that this storage has been freed and can be allocated by other data. When the system or a data recovery program looks at this chunk of space again, the SSD simply returns zeroes instead of the previous data.

Therefore, deleted files can only be recovered until the next TRIM command, when they have not yet been deleted from the file system. After executing this command, file recovery becomes impossible. Different operating systems issue this command at different time intervals. Windows do this in several minutes, while Linux does it during the boot/shutdown phase.

How to prevent the TRIM command from being issued?

Therefore, the success in recovering deleted files on SSD depends on doing this before the TRIM command has been issued. To do this, some methods use data recovery software. Read on to discover a free method.

As soon as you discover the deletion of the files to be recovered, do not turn off the computer by pressing the off-key, but long-press the power button. This will prevent the TRIM command from running during a normal shutdown.
Use a bootable version of an SSD recovery program like R-Undelete. Usually, these startup programs do not support the TRIM command.

Create an SSD image and retrieve files from that image. By following these steps, you can reduce the chances of TRIM being performed and thus increase the chances of extracting the correct files from an SSD. These steps are easy to follow and greatly increase the chances of recovering deleted files on SSD.

how to download instagram videos from private account

How to download instagram videos from private account

Did you know that you can download private Instagram photos and private Instagram videos in just a couple of clicks? Yes, What you read! and here we tell you the two ways that exist to do it. Here, I will discuss how to download instagram videos from private account. To facilitate this tutorial to download private Instagram photos and download private Instagram videos with ease, we will separate it into two parts.

In the first part, we will focus on the different ways to download private Instagram photos and in the second, we will attack the videos’ search intention. We will do it step by step and detail by detail to not take you more than 3 minutes.

Let’s take action!

How to download instagram videos from private account?

After much research and different tests, we have concluded that the best ways to save private Instagram photos are what we will present to you in this tutorial.

However, there are viable alternatives to know how to see private Instagram and download images from this social network. Still, they are somewhat more complex than those we will show you in this tutorial to download private Instagram photos.

Just remember, it is important to respect copyright and the owner’s decision not to manipulate or use this information. Considering all the above, we will show you the two easiest ways to download a private Instagram image without further delay.

download instagram videos

1. Sharing the URL to another social network

Instagram does allow you to share the publications (URL) on other networks where images or videos can be easily downloaded. This is a very simple option to download private Instagram photos without the need to download any application.

2. Through an Application

Some apps are currently exclusively dedicated to making it easier for you to download private videos or private images from Instagram. In this way, you can have on your Smartphone or computer everything you want from other users, even those who have their account privately.

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3 . Copy Private Instagram Url

This is another of the easiest ways to download a private Instagram image and get it in less than 1 minute. You just have to copy the URL of the photo or see private Instagram with URL in developer mode, but this is somewhat more complex, so let’s move on to the first option to download a private Instagram photo.

Go to the URL of the image, select it and click copy. Then go to Tyene and paste the address of the image in the search engine. This website will show you the image in full size and you just have to right-click on it and give it to download private Instagram images.

4. Download private Instagram photos online OFFLINE

Another option that we offer you so that you know how to download private Instagram photos is to do it offline, that is, without a network. This option does not always work since Instagram has evolved since its birth. However, it is very effective only if you want to download photos from your Instagram private profile.

Therefore, if you only need the profile photo, this is a good and very effective option to carry it out. We will tell you how to do it. You must access the private Instagram of the person whose photo you want to take. Then remove the internet data, enlarge the image and take a screenshot.

This option is much more homemade than the previous ones to download private Instagram images, and it may be that you find it a bit rudimentary, but it is the only way to do it today.

5. Apps to download private photos and videos from Instagram

If you have decided on applications to download private Instagram images and do not want to waste time looking for the best, do not go and keep reading! We show you the two most effective applications to download private Instagram photos that leave no trace.

Video Downloader for Instagram

This app has been created to be able to obtain private Instagram photos and videos and if you want to get hold of it, simply follow the following steps:

Download the app
Then go to Instagram and select the image you want to download
Click on the three dots next to the image and select “Copy Link.”
You will paste this link in the Video Downloader for the Instagram app
The image or video will appear in the app and you must share it and then download it.

4K Stogram

It is a complete application that allows you to download video and photos from the timeline or stories of public or private accounts.

To be able to enjoy this software, you just have to do the following:

Download 4k Stogram on your PC
Press the “preference” section found in the application.
Enter your Instagram account details
Once you access your IG account, you can enter any private account or not and select the images and videos that you want to save on your computer.
How to download private stories on Instagram?
In private Instagram stories, some applications help you with this aspect because you cannot copy the URL.

To download private Instagram stories, you have the Story Save For Instagram app.

Download this app to download photos private Instagram account
Access your Instagram account from the app
Get the user you want, choose the story and click “Save.”
You must know that the apps that allow you to download content in private accounts are not free.

Also, you know the great responsibility of downloading third-party content. This is why Instagram avoids it so as not to incur a crime if you are going to download private Instagram photos for your use.

Additional information to downloading private Instagram photos

Instagram is a very particular social network that allows you to share photos and videos whenever you want, but you cannot download them directly. This is why most people take screenshots or screenshots of the images they want to use or have on their computer or Smartphone.

However, as you have seen before, there are several ways to download private Instagram photos and videos from other users. We just want to remind you again to always do it with proper use.

Legal issues about downloading private Instagram photos
Other options for downloading Instagram photos that may interest you …
If you have come this far, surely you already know how Instagram photos from another profile are downloaded.

Likewise, these tricks are not for you. However, we are going to leave you some of the most used by our users.

screen overlay detected

What is screen overlay detected and how to turn off

If you have problems with applications that throw you the screen overlay detected message, we will tell you how to solve this error. Android is a complete and easy-to-use operating system, but it has many options and some of them are only activated in very specific circumstances.

An example of this is the Detected Screen Overlay notice, something that many of you have surely seen and that perhaps has given you a headache than another. We will explain how to configure the terminal so that you do not have problems and can still use this function.

What is the screen overlay detected?

Not all Android apps behave the same. Some usually have special permissions that allow them to be displayed on top of others. An example is Facebook Messenger, whose chats float on top of what we are doing. That is an overlay application.

screen overlay detected

Why are there applications that overlap with others?

The problem is that having applications of this type can cause errors when launching new applications. When we use apps like the one we have mentioned and want to install new applications, a message sometimes pops up that warns us that there is a Screen Overlay Detected. This notice alerts us so that we know that another application could capture our data.

To install the app, we have to go to the settings and turn off the screen overlay. To do this, we follow these steps:

Click on Settings.
We look for the Applications option.
We click on the gear wheel at the top.
Click on Special Access.
Click on Show on other applications.
We deactivate the application that is giving us problems.
If we do not know what it is, we can try or deactivate all of them.

Once that is done we have to continue installing the application that we would like to put in the first instance. When the installation has finished, we have to perform those steps again and grant the Overlay permissions to the apps that had them. Otherwise, they would not work as before. For example, Facebook Messenger would not let us have floating chats on our mobile screen.

Remove permissions for Write on other applications

One way to eliminate this message from our screens is by looking for the option “Write about other applications” or “Applications that can be shown at the beginning,” depending on your brand and model of mobile.

To find this option, follow these steps:

Go to the mobile’s main menu and look for the Settings or Settings app, with a gear icon. We go to the Applications section, where we will enter Settings.
We scroll until we find a section called Special Access or Advanced Options, and once there, you will see the option. Write about other applications.
A list will appear with all the applications available on your mobile that use this floating function. Check which one of these has been causing you problems and disable it.
Activate this option again so that it will ask you for permissions once you start it again.
If you continue to have problems after doing this, you can try disabling and re-enabling each application. Also, check carefully, as this error can be caused by more than one single app.

Enable all permissions to the app

Another alternative, in this case, is to do the opposite case. As you have an application that conflicts with us due to the lack of permissions, we can assign them to you. How to do it in this case?

Go to the main screen and look for the Settings or Settings app.
Enter and go down to the section of
Once there, select the gear icon that has been Advanced Options. Go to the Application Permissions section.
Find the application that is causing you problems and give it all the permissions it needs to work.
Restart the phone.
And ready! You shouldn’t have any more app conflict issues.

Uninstall the conflicting app

The last alternative if you have NOT been able to prevent the message from disappearing after trying these methods, is to uninstall the floating application or, failing that, the app with which it conflicts.


How Does an Altimeter Work? Let’s Discover

The GPS with a watch-type altimeter or the altitude meter for bicycle, car or handheld device uses the satellite positioning system to perform a position triangulation and obtain data that allows it to estimate the height at which you are. In this article, we will give you more details about GPS altimeters and how does an altimeter work. Keep reading and know the simplicity of its operation.

How does an altimeter work?

The altimeter is factory calibrated, so you won’t need to continually recalibrate each ride. However, over time and usage may require calibration.

The problem is that it is not as easy to do as it is with the barometric and most likely, you will need professional assistance for an ISO recalibration.

Beyond that, using an altimeter is extremely easy. You must choose the type of unit on the screen in which you want to see the altitude (either meters or feet) and press a button to obtain an easy-to-read digital reading that does not need interpretation.

How do I orient myself with a GPS altimeter?

This also depends on the functions that the device has built-in. If you have GPS or digital maps, it is very simple and you will probably only have to press a few buttons to know where you are.

On the other hand, if the device is very basic, you can apply the same applied method to orient yourself with a barometric altimeter. Simply check the pressure or height from time to time to determine if you are going up or down, as well as the path you are following.

After collecting data, you look on the map (I already told you that you should always carry one) the point that corresponds to the graph or the specific height that you registered and you will be able to know where you are.

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How to calibrate an altimeter?

Watch the following video and learn how to obtain the height at which you find. Of course, we calibrate a watch-type altimeter from the two brands that we sell in our store: Suunto and Garmin.

How do you read an altimeter?

Large numbers that take up most of the screen are usually intended for altitude and are pre-defined in feet or meters. In addition to that, you will have other elements on the screen that correspond to the characteristics of the altimeter you acquired (compass, atmospheric pressure, temperature, heart rate monitor, among others).

What is the unit of measure for the digital altimeter?

The unit of measurement for the digital altimeter is given in meters or feet. Unlike the barometric altimeter – unless it is a hybrid – it does not use the measurement units in pascals or bars since they do not work with atmospheric pressure.

The reference unit for determining altitude is always sea level (unless another reference altitude is determined intentionally).

How to forecast the weather with a digital altimeter?

The GPS altimeter should include a weather, temperature, or barometric prediction function. Most digital altimeters or altimeter watches come with these functions preloaded.

Otherwise, you will need extra instruments to forecast the weather with just a GPS digital instrument. They do not depend on atmospheric pressure, or maybe you could guess that a storm is coming if the readings become inaccurate due to satellite blocking!

Is it worth buying an altimeter?

In the case of certain extreme sports, for example, skydiving, these devices are an essential device to determine the height and orient yourself. Thanks to this, you reduce the effort you make. It is considered a device that can be very helpful, whether you are an amateur, a nature lover or a professional in the field.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of altimeters?

Having an altimeter at your disposal gives you a lot of advantages. To begin, thanks to these devices, you will be able to know the height of the site where you are. Also, to be able to do it, it is not necessary to have great technical knowledge because its use is simpler than it appears initially.

One of the advantages that you should keep in mind is the opportunity to synchronize it with your cell phone. But of course, this does not mean that there are not a few problems. Measurements can be affected by weather things. Also, they generally don’t have a touch screen and several models are not made to withstand very extreme climates.


With them, you will be able to know, concerning sea level, the height at which you are. It is very easy to use. They can synchronize with other devices such as cell phones. You can have a better orientation


Touch screens are not very common among these devices. Climate is something that can greatly influence measurements. The simplest appliances are not designed for extreme conditions

Altimeters have a large number of applications, which can be enjoyed by both aircraft pilots or lovers of extreme sports and those who only seek to enjoy nature. It also allows you to measure the altitude above sea level to your position. It is common that they also include more functions.

emulators for PSP

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cannot resolve hostname

Steps to Fix “Cannot Resolve Hostname”

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How to Make a Flyer in Word

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