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Infinity Scarf

How to Make an Infinity Scarf? Step by Step Process

Today I am here today to inform you about the easiest sewing project you can do and it is the infinity scarf. Infinity scarves are my siren song and as far as I’m concerned, one can never have too many. They are an ideal complement, both for spring nights with a vaporous fabric and for winter with thicker fabrics. Read More

Gifts for new parents

Gifts for New Parents: What to Give a Newborn Baby?

A birth is always happy news for the parents’ family and friends, but it also involves a whole protocol that is usual to follow and that is that when you meet the little one, you should bring him a present. The problem is when we have no idea where to start and ask ourselves what to give a newborn? Here, we suggest some gifts for new parents depending on how close you are to their parents. Read More

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis Net Worth, Biography and Lifestyle

Bruce Willis (March 19, 1955) is known as one of the most memorable action heroes in the film industry. In addition to keeping an entire generation on the edge of his seat through shocking films, this actor has continually renewed his career and surprise us on over one occasion. Bruce Willis net worth is over 175 million USD. Some reports say that it is over 200 USD. Get ready to know everything about the life of this icon of the big screen in the biography of Bruce Willis that we bring you below. Read More