Every time Apple launches a new iPhone or a new version of the iOS, they claim that some of the features that they have introduced with the phone are ‘revolutionary’ and ‘groundbreaking.’ We take a look at some of the new iOS features in the iPhone 14 you should test, courtesy of best online casino guide in Australia.

  1. Turn off the always-on display (14 Pro only)

The iPhone 14 Pro has an always-on display feature that dims the wallpaper and highlights the clock. It’s enabled by default, but you may find it’s not that useful, or that it drains your battery. So if you want to turn it off, you can. Open Settings and tap ‘Display and Brightness’ and now toggle off the ‘Always On’ option. Simple. If don’t want it off all the time, and want it on during the day, you can set it up to switch off at night time as part of sleep mode. Go to Settings > Focus > Sleep. Here you can schedule a sleep focus to activate at a set time each night under the ‘Schedule’ tab. When it activates, your always-on display will no longer show at night.

  1. Enable the haptic keyboard

As part of iOS 16, Apple brought haptic feedback to its own stock keyboard. Finally. This means that when you type you can feel subtle taps or vibrations under the display. To turn it on just go to Settings > Sound and Haptics > then choose ‘Keyboard feedback’. Toggle on the ‘Haptic’ option.

  1. Battery percentage indicator

As we mentioned in our iOS 16 video previously, there’s a new battery percentage indicator that you can enable to show the actual percentage in the battery icon in your status bar. To activate it, just go to Settings > Battery and toggle on the ‘battery percentage’ option.

  1. Change your notification style

By default in iOS 16 it now shows a number – or ‘count’ – of notifications at the bottom of your Lock Screen to let you know how many notifications you have waiting. But you can change this to be a list of actual notifications, or a stack of notifications windows. Just open Settings > Notifications and choose one of the other two options at the top of the screen under ‘Display As’.

  1. Lock a private note behind Face ID

In Notes now you can lock a specific note behind a FaceID authentication. You’re no longer limited to just locking it behind your phone’s passcode. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Notes and now find the ‘Password’ option and tap that. On the next screen select the ‘Use Device Passcode’ option and then toggle ‘Use FaceID’. Now you don’t have to use a specific password to unlock notes. To lock a specific note just long press on the note you want to lock within the app, and then hit ‘lock note’ on the pop-up menu that appears. Next time you try to open it, it’ll use FaceID to check it’s you trying to access it as cited by users of real casino online for real money.

  1. Edit or unsend iMessages

Sometimes when you message you’ll likely either a) regret it immediately and want to unsend or b) produce an embarrassing typo. Perhaps even both. Thankfully in iOS 16, there’s a solution to those problems. You can unsend, or edit, iMessages now. Open Messages, type your message as normal and – once you’ve sent it – long press that message. You’ll see both ‘Edit’ and ‘Undo send’ as options in the drop-down menu. Choose whichever you want to use at the time. But be warned, if the person you’re sending it to doesn’t have iOS 16, it won’t appear as unsent for them, they’ll still see the message.

  1. Delete Duplicate Photos

Apple’s latest Photos app lets you quickly and easily delete duplicate photos to help you save iPhone and iCloud storage. Just open Photos and tap on ‘Albums’. Scroll all the way down until you see ‘Duplicates’ in the list near the bottom of the page. Now you can either hit ‘merge’ near each match or hit ‘select’ at the top and then manually choose each image you want to delete and hit the delete trash can icon at the bottom.

By Roger Walker

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