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couldn't modify partition map

How to fix ‘couldn’t modify partition map’

In a world where data is everything, it’s critical that data storage systems be reliable. A partitioned hard disk or SSD can be a huge asset for your business, but if the partition map can’t be modified, then you’re out of luck. This is a problem that many people have faced in the past, and unfortunately, there’s no easy way to resolve it. In this post, we’ll explain how to fix “couldn’t modify partition map” errors on Windows 10 and beyond, so that you can keep using your hard disk without worrying about losing your data. Read More

How to tell if ginger is bad?

Ginger has been used for centuries as a remedy for everything from stomach aches to headaches to menstrual cramps. But what if it’s actually doing harm to you? This post shows you how to tell if ginger is bad. Read More

windows 10 whql support

What is windows 10 whql support?

Microsoft has just released Windows 10 version 1903, which includes a new security feature called “Windows as a Service” (WaaS) that enables Windows 10 to be updated automatically. The new feature is enabled by default and allows users to receive updates without having to go through a lengthy manual process. However, WaaS does have one major drawback, and that is it only supports Windows 10 Enterprise. This means that if you are a small business owner or a home user, you won’t be able to use WaaS. Fortunately, there is a way around this problem. Read More

How to vacuum seal a bag without a vacuum

How to vacuum seal a bag without a vacuum?

Vacuum packaging has many advantages. One of the most important is that the products stay fresh for much longer. Meats and fish maintain their texture and toughness almost without any alteration. In the event that we are going to show How to vacuum seal a bag without a vacuum. Read More

dream about being shot

What does it mean to dream about being shot

Have you ever wondered what it means to dream of being shot? Dreams have meaning. Many times it does not necessarily have to be literal. When we dream, emotions and memories that were buried or even repressed come to light, it is not about obsessing over every dream you have and looking for meaning. Still, if you have a recurring dream with a topic that worries you, you may need to think about it. Here, we tell you what it means to dream about being shot. Read More

How to update video card drivers

How to update video card drivers? Nvidia and AMD

To always get the most out of your computer, you need to make sure that all components have the latest drivers installed to work properly. To best play the latest video games and multimedia files in general, let’s see together how to update video card drivers in a few simple steps. Read More

digital terrestrial tv

What is digital terrestrial tv and how it works?

Here are the characteristics of digital terrestrial tv, how it works and what will be the changes when the new DVB-T2 is introduced. For years, analog terrestrial television has always been the most popular form of television in the world, receivable through normal antennas. In the last twenty years, especially since 2003, however, it is the so-called digital terrestrial, or DTT, to play the lion’s share, and to have established itself as the international standard for television broadcasting. Read More

What is kibble for cats

What is kibble for cats?

The behavior of cats is an object of continuous study. Living with a feline allows us to observe details daily that never cease to amaze and that, although they seem funny or even a way of playing, they have a deeper meaning. In this sense, rolling around on the ground and making the croquette is a recurring gesture among kittens. Read More

ricotta cake recipe

Italian salted ricotta cake recipe

The Ricotta or cottage cheese is originally Italian, whose name means annealed, referring to their production method. It consists of boiling and cutting the milk with an acid such as lemon juice and letting it rest on a cloth or gauze until all its liquid exudes. Depending on the type of milk with which it is produced, Ricotta can be a low-fat, high-protein food, which will provide satiety and is ideal if you are looking to lose weight or eat healthily. Read More

Can you eat raw ginger

Can you eat raw ginger?

Ginger is a medicinal plant traditionally used in Asia. Still, the great benefits of its consumption have spread its use to the rest of the world, so it is becoming more and more common to take it to take advantage of its properties. In addition, it is a precious condiment at the gastronomic level, being included in this way in different dishes. Read More