slutty wedding dress ideas

Classic, princess, vintage, boho, modern, rustic … There are as many types of the bride as women exist. Even so, each one’s style is something so personal that generalizing is not always the best option. For this reason, there are original brides who, on their big day, opt for the slutty wedding dress.

Sometimes it changes the classic wedding dresses for a different proposal by choosing white or brightly colored party dresses for their wedding. He prefers to wear elegant clutches instead of bridal bouquets. But there are also daring and brave women who dare with everything. The previous categories do not define. The latter will undoubtedly be the ones that will find your dress in this selection of the slutty wedding dress.

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Because not all brides want to be fairytale princesses, not all of them want to wear vintage wedding dresses, not everyone is in love with the boho-chic style and not everyone dreams of being the classic bride that all guests expect her to be. There are also sexy, provocative and provocative brides who don’t want to give up their style and personality on their wedding day.

Each season, wedding dress designers set out to create models of all styles. So, no woman runs out of her dream dress on the day of her bond. Until now, short or very short wedding dresses were the only option for brides who wanted to risk on their big day. But in recent years, we are witnessing the rise of proposals for sexy brides through sensual pieces, which touch the erotic without subtracting a bit of class or elegance.

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Naked dress / Tattoo lace

When choosing the slutty wedding dress, it is always advisable to highlight your strengths and hide the parts you like least of the body. But if your whole body deserves to be highlighted, why hide it? The tattoo lace takes several seasons between us and will continue to be the protagonist in 2017. So bet on a naked dress, a dress made uniquely and completely with this technique. So, it exposes the whole body through a strategic game of transparencies that cover Your figure in a refined way. Julie Vino, Zuhair Murad and YolanCris dominate this sewing technique like nobody else.

The naked dresses stick to the body to create precisely that tattoo lace effect. If you are looking for a vaporous dress, you can combine this technique applied to the body of the dress with the semi-transparency of the skirt made of tulle or very fine silk chiffon. In this case, forget the cancan and the lining and let your legs hint under the dress, as Santos Costura or Alessandra Rinaudo propose.

Infinite necklines

If there is a sexy part of the woman’s body, that is the neckline. More and more brides are daring with infinite necklines that reach the navel or with open neck dresses that show more than politically correct. The trick is to know how to balance the total eroticism of the look as proposed by the wedding dresses of Pronovias and those of Alon LivnĂ© White, who use pronounced necklines with princess dresses. It combines with the romantic lace, or Nicole, who incorporates it into delicate tulle and chantilly dresses. Keep Reading code geass season 3

Skirt openings

The simple dresses wedding can also be the sexiest. As? Only by opening the skirt with an impressive slit through which you can show your spectacular legs when walking. The designs of Marcela Mansergas, those of Victoria Salas and the wedding dresses of Rosa Clará add to this trend this season. Also, if the closed neckline is not your thing, not to wear an opening in the skirt means that you should give up a low cut.

Sexy backs

The back of the dress is the trend element to splurge all the sensuality elegantly. Again the tattoo lace is present, but what is sexy are the infinite backs. Leave the back completely naked to the point where it loses its chaste name. And if you want to bet on something with one more point of eroticism, the ropes and chains around it will give that sexy touch you are looking for.

Mermaid dresses

And how to forget the hips, that part of the woman’s body has become a symbol of female sensuality. They can be closed neckline, thick and opaque fabrics, with long sleeves and no ornaments, but mermaid-cut wedding dresses are always the sexiest option of classic-style wedding dresses. They completely adhere to your figure and with them, you will highlight your curves, your chest, your hips and your thighs. You will seduce only with your presence!

Ready to leave a mark among your guests? Make an accomplice of your bravery to your fiance and propose that he choose bold and sexy boyfriend suits. Do not forget the eroticism in your wedding and surprise your husband dancing for him one of the most sensual wedding songs you know. Surely you were looking for a slutty wedding dress ideas for weddings with which to leave all attendees with their mouths open. It had not occurred to you to surprise him.

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