Many people work in an office and in a place where there are lots of people for long periods of time, it is easy to spread germs, From colds and flus, to stomach upsets and harmful bacteria like E-Coli, it is important that a high standard of cleanliness is kept up if you want to ensure that everyone in the workplace is as healthy as possible.

Getting a professional like this office cleaning services Gloucester based company to come and keep the place clean is important, and you should also be aware of the common places where most germs are found, so that they can be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent infection risk. Here are some of the places to watch out for…

Buttons in a Lift – If you have a communal lift in the building where you work, the buttons are going to have been touched by multiple people on a regular basis. As well as being better for your cardiovascular health, taking the stairs may also help you to steer clear of germs too. If you do take the lift, wash your hands afterwards.

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Keyboards – Computer keyboards are well known to be a major breeding ground for all sorts of germs and bacteria. With lots of small cracks and crevices, a computer keyboard can be very dirty indeed, so use an antibacterial wipe on it regularly to get rid of as many of the germs as possible.

Kitchen Cleaning Cloths and Sponges – Many of the items that are used to wash up in an office kitchen can actually be a bacterium breeding ground. Sponges and cloths that are used to wash up should be regularly changed as the moisture and warmth makes them an ideal place for bacteria.

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Toilets – Another obvious place where you will find germs in a workplace are of course the toilets. With lots of people using the same toilet facilities, you need to be hot on hygiene to make sure that the toilets are not a source of illness.

Always practice good hand hygiene after using the toilets wherever you are, but in particular in a communal toilet.

Door handles – Like lift buttons, door handles are touched by many people on a regular basis, so they are a common source of bacteria. Having antibacterial wipes next to regularly used doors helps to keep things clean.

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