how to customize text messages on iphone

The default view for text messages on the iPhone allows anyone who picks up the device to read part of the received message, sometimes compromising the privacy of the phone owner as well. However, you can configure your phone so that when notifications for new messages appear, they don’t take up as much screen space or no notifications appear. If you are tired of the usual banal text of your iPhone messages and you want to try something new and original, perhaps characterizing it with colors, images and smilies, then this guide is what is right for you. There are, in fact, several tricks and systems to customize the text of your SMS or MMS. Through a series of applications, programs and tricks, I will show you how to customize text messages on iPhone.

How to customize text messages on iphone?

how to customize text messages on iphone

First of all, one of the first procedures to personalize the messages on the iPhone in your own way is to modify the automatic reply messages on the iOS operating system of your Smartphone. If you receive a sudden phone call and cannot answer, you can send a message different from the standard ones set on the iPhone, and even create some of your own. Then click on “Settings”, then on “Phone” and then on “Reply with message”. Once this is done, simply delete the fields already occupied by the standard texts of the phone and replace them with a personal SMS that you like best.

Change the color of the bubbles

Later, if you want to change the appearance of the text of your messages, you can also change the color of the so-called “bubbles” that contain the messages by creating some very colorful ones. In this way, the texts of your messages will stand out and be more pleasant to look at and to read. Through the new free tweak “Messages Customiser”, you can perform these changes on all unlocked iPhones. Once the iPhone is unlocked, you can install this tweak from Cydia and have to fun customizing all your texts and all your bubbles.

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Enter the emoji keyboard

If you want to have some fun by inserting cute emoticons between one sentence of your message and the other, you can insert the emoji keyboard on your iPhone. With this keyboard, you can not only customize the text of your SMS, but also the text of emails, MMS and much more. Install the keyboard by going to “Settings”, then to “General” and finally to “Keyboard”. Add a new keyboard and click on “Emoji”. At this point, you can insert smileys, images, funny animals and much more together with your text. In this way, the texts of your messages will be more than personalized and will appear more original and nicer.

Activate message preview

Activating the “Message preview” function displays most of the incoming messages which may be contained in the banner or in the alert window. If this feature is disabled, you will still see an alert box or banner with the name of the contact who sent you the message. To enable this feature, tap “Settings” and then “Notifications”, then “Messages” and finally slide the ON / OFF switch on the right to “Show preview”. Press the “Home” button to save the changes and close the Settings app.

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