Sir Alexander Fleming was a Scottish bacteriologist who was responsible for the discovery of Penicillin. This is one of the foundations of modern medicine and has given us antibiotics. This has meant the lifespan of everyone on the planet has been increased almost immeasurably. These antibiotics are used by medical professionals the world over and their Locums. If your GP practice needs support then Locum Insurance from is a great idea

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The experience that he had gone through in the First World War inspired him to find an answer to a common problem. The injuries to Soldiers could be treated adequately with bandages, and the cleanliness of operating theatres and surgeries could be achieved through the use of antiseptics. However, the risk of internal infection resulting in blood poisoning was significant. He witnesses many lives lost and resolved to use his knowledge and skills to find a cure.

He was searching for that cure when quite by chance, he noted that a white mould growing in an agar dish seemed to reduce and even remove the spores of streptococcus that were in the plate with it. Realising the potential, he began to try and use a compound from the mould to create a viable cure.

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Fleming and his team did not have the resources to do so, and he was soon looking to move on to other possibilities believing the idea to be too complicated to develop. However, the work of Howard Florey, Ernst Chain and Robert Heatley to develop the drug was the real key. Fleming himself was modest about the whole subject and took no active part in aggrandising his role. He is quoted as saying that he never intended to revolutionise the world of modern medicine with its first bacteria killer, but “…I suppose this is exactly what I did.”

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