When you’ve got awkward items that need a thorough clean, you’re probably preparing yourself for a hard day’s work. However, what if there was a way to get large amounts of parts or items cleaned and sanitised at just the push of a button? Here’s how to do it with the help of the power of song:

Wash Me Clean – K.D Lang

Need to clean up old jewellery but don’t want to be abrasive or use detergents that could tarnish the metals? Consider the benefits of ultrasonic cleaning for achieving sparkling results without the time consuming hand washing.

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Clean Machine – Presidents of the USA

Perhaps you have automobile components covered in oil and grease. These are not easy or pleasant to clean so an ultrasonic unit could really remove the hassle. Find out more about the advantages of using a Large Ultrasonic Cleaner, visit www.hilsonic.co.uk/

That’s Pretty Clean – Sly

You’ll be surprised at how effective this method of cleaning is, especially for hard to clean surfaces. An ultrasonic cleaner uses cavitation to clean. Ultrasonic waves are used to cause this cavitation in the water. Bubbles increase in size until they burst against the objects in the tank.

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Stay Clean – Motorhead

Whether you need a small unit for personal use or a large unit for commercial use, it’s easy to keep a wide range of items clean from small items like jewellery to large ones like machine parts and even golf clubs!

By Roger Walker

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