Hearing loss is something that many people struggle with. Sometimes it is something that you cannot control and is caused by a virus like shingles or an infection in the ear, in other cases it is caused by something that can be rectified, such as ears that are blocked with wax which can be safely removed by a professional like this ear wax removal Poole based company www.earwax.co.uk/ear-wax-removal-near-me/poole/

However, something that commonly causes hearing loss is loud noise, and this is something that many people don’t realise is an avoidable cause of hearing loss.

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Noise exposure affects the ear when the soundwaves go into the ear and hit the cochlea, and the very small hair cells turn this into an electrical signal which is then sent into the brain via the auditory nerve. When a noise is very loud, it can damage these tiny hairs, and when these hairs become damaged, they bend, and this then distorts the sound.

A good example of this damage is when you have been to a concert or a nightclub and have that ringing in the ear after, or a muffled sound that is a bit like being underwater. Often this will sort itself out in a few hours, however sometimes it doesn’t. The louder the noise is, the more likely you are to experience permanent damage. People who have served in the military and been around explosions and jet engines often experience hearing damage from these very high Decibels.

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When you are going to be anywhere that is known to be loud (over 85 Decibels, which is the approximate volume of a food blender) you should always make sure that you have the right hearing protection. You can use ear plugs, or over the ear muff style ear defenders.

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