Copper is used in many different ways, but the most common is in the 6mm Copper Pipe and other pipes, like the ones you can see from Watkins & Powis used in plumbing. It is an excellent metal to work with as it can be shaped easily, and it is a good conductor of both heat and electricity. This is why it is used in electrical wires, computer parts and in plumbing pipes and systems.

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Some of the main reasons that copper is used in plumbing are:

Non-permeable – this means that the pipes keep the water inside them safe from contamination from outside factors as well as from the metal itself. Other metals that are permeable would mean that the water would not be safe to drink.

Safe from corrosion – copper is not a metal that corrodes when it comes into contact with water and oxygen, which again makes it the perfect choice for plumbing parts. It does in fact develop a green patina over time which acts as another layer that protects the pipe from outside factors.

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Cost-effective – copper is much easier to cut and shape than other metals such s lead. This means that the pipes can be cut on-site and bent to the appropriate angles needed. The pipes can also be easily joined together and soldered which again makes them a much more cost-effective solution to work with.

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