Moving out of home and away to University is one of life’s giant steps. If you think you are getting stressed about it, you can be sure that your Parents and Family, in general, will be worried as well. One of the most stressful decisions and choices is where you will live when you are at University. There are several options open to you to consider.

  1. Stay at home and study. You could save a lot of time and effort and find a local university that you can stay at home and attend. There are positives and negatives of this. You might not feel that you have entirely left the nest to prove your independence, but it does mean that you’ll have a close-knit support unit around you, and the costs will be significantly reduced.

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  1. Halls. If you are moving away, then this is usually provided for you in the first year. It relieves a lot of the stress as you’ll know that to start with your accommodation is sorted. However, it is a good idea to start looking for private accommodation as soon as possible. This is not as daunting as it sounds, and there is plenty of help to be had by the University as they will assist you in getting a place.

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  1. Private rent. You could start this way if you wish to. For example, one of the best providers of Cheltenham Student Accommodation is They have a full range of options for you.

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