Bath is a fantastic modern city – home to nearly 90,000 people there are plenty of things to do and many local businesses from shops to Bath accountants Chippendale and Clark. It is one of those cities that is impossible to experience totally in one visit. If you are planning to visit Bath in the future, here are just a few things that you can do whilst in this fantastic city…

Sample the Water – The Thermae Bath spa is a truly luxurious place to visit and a must for those heading to Bath for the first time. This natural hot spring is set in a large pool complex where you can also enjoy many relaxing treatments like massage as well as seeing the city from the roof top spa pool.

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And Visit the Place Where it all Began – The Roman baths were the foundation and namesake of the city of Bath and this architectural treasure trove is a building that is on everyone’s must see list. Enjoy a guided tour around this stunning building taking in the Roman architecture and imagining how it would have been in those days for the people of this Roman city.

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Have a Drink – Those thermal waters aren’t just for bathing in. Since Roman times they were believed to have benefits to the body when taken internally so head to the Pump room to have a try of the water.

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