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When summer approaches, the spirit of every traveler moves in the direction of unforgettable beaches and places. If you are also looking for inspiration, here is a list of 10 attractions in Tenerife.

Tenerife is the paradise of all those people forced to go on vacation when August is now far away: the island, famous for its temperate climate, promises favorable temperatures throughout the year, thus taking the name of ” island of eternal spring “. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to visit it in autumn or spring: the beauty of this splendid location, daughter of the Canarian archipelago, will ensure you an unforgettable travel experience.

Why see Tenerife?

Visiting Tenerife is a moral obligation for a traveler. The naturalistic and geological value of the island places its name among the most interesting destinations in Europe. Those who love nature can only appreciate its environmental eclecticism and it is certainly impossible to debase its tourist potential.

Thanks to the charm of its natural profile, Tenerife has managed to establish itself on the European scene as a highly respected tourist destination: today we can find many attractions on its territory dedicated to leisure and relaxation and the proposals advanced to sportsmen, related to to activities such as surfing, paragliding or snorkeling.

But what are the reasons for preferring the island to any other travel stage? There would be many to talk about but for logistical reasons, we will list only ten, selected among the most important attractions and places not to be missed. So let’s start with our journey to discover the Canaries.

10 attractions in Tenerife: travel guide between beaches and magical places

attractions in tenerife

El Teide National Park

One of the strongest reasons for visiting Tenerife lies in the 18,000 hectares enclosed in the Teide National Park, which has also become a very important Unesco site. Currently, this area is the main tourist attraction in Tenerife and it is not difficult to understand why: climbing towards the summit – Pico del Teide – the landscapes offered by the climb is truly incredible. The excursion can be undertaken partly by car but it is a must to continue on foot or by cable car if you want to reach the top of the volcano. The walk is quite challenging, so we recommend avoiding it if you don’t feel too fit.

Playa de Las Teresitas

One of the things that most increases the fame of Tenerife is the beauty of Playa de la Teresita, the most famous beach. The island boasts a very high number of bathing establishments but it is almost impossible to match the charm of this golden beach. The beach is distinguished by a very long shore, bordered by very tall palm trees that impress in the mind of the tourist the image of Caribbean scenery. It is difficult to believe, in front of such a refined landscape, that we are just a few steps from home. Well, among the 10 reasons to visit Tenerife we ​​find this earthly paradise, which can be accessed by facing a few hours of flight.

Santa Cruz

The city of Santa Cruz, the capital of the island of Tenerife, deserves to be reached even if it is located a bit far from most tourist areas. What makes it special is the presence of a large number of cultural attractions, which are difficult to find in the southern part of the island. Visiting Santa Cruz means having the opportunity to visit art galleries, urban parks, museums and ancient churches.

La Orotava

Another very nice place to take into account is La Orotava. Just like Santa Cruz, this small town boasts a very interesting historic center, full of attractions and points of interest. Those interested in local architecture can find various ideas here, such as the magnificent Casa de Los Balcones . There is no shortage of parks, churches and ancient residences.

Siam Park

Let’s now pass to the attractions dedicated to leisure and entertainment, for which Siam Park is the greatest exponent. Siam Park is a very large water park, so much so that it ranks among the largest and most important in Europe. The amusement area label would suggest an attraction for children and instead, there are many games designed for adults: such as the Kamikaze slide, which allows the bather to cross a tank of white sharks through a very long and transparent tunnel.

Loro Parque

To make your stay in Tenerife even more pleasant, you can also visit Loro Parque, an animal reserve that you can go around far and wide. The wildlife garden, located in the Puerto de La Cruz area, offers the opportunity to admire parrots, crocodiles and many other species. A perfect place for those traveling with children.


Let’s go back to the beauty of the beaches with ElDuque, which is smaller than Las Teresitas but equally fascinating. This cove is located in Costa Adeje and is preferable to the others when looking for a bit of tranquility. The waters promise a regenerating bath and the winds protect the bather from the oppressive temperatures of the hottest months of the year.


Masca is the real preciousness of the island of Tenerife, after the Teide National Park. There is talk of a very unique mountain village in appearance: it is easy to wonder, once you get here if you are not in a village of elves and fairies. The greenery around will make you feel like the protagonists of a fairy tale, while the wooden houses will lend themselves to shots so beautiful that they can be framed.

Las Vistas

Another starting point for those wishing to spend more time on the beaches in Las Vistas, which opens onto a 50-meter long beach. This small cove has been awarded the Blue Flag title for the purity of the water, becoming one of the most popular coves on the island.

Las Americas

Las Americas is instead the most touristic area of ​​the island, the one to be taken into account for the nightlife. Tenerife is in fact a place worthy of note not only for its natural beauty but also for leisure and entertainment, which is proposed very well in the thousands of cafes that arise in this part of the territory.

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