Ireland is home to many world-famous historic figures who have achieved great things – from poets like Oscar Wilde and Samuel Beckett, to scientists like Robert Boyle and Ernest Walton, there is no shortage of great achievements in Irelands history. However, someone that many people may not have heard of, who is also worthy of making the list of great Irish achievers is Daniel Edmund Williams.

If you have never heard of him, you may have heard of the product that he created – Tullamore Dew (the Dew is the initials of the man himself!) one of the most popular and celebrated whiskeys, not only in Ireland but in the world!

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Modern day Tullamore is a pretty town, full of both historic buildings and modern amenities and services – if you need to upgrade your mobile phone for example, you can visit Vodafone Tullamore store King Communications. However, the distillery which made the town famous is of course still here and this is where the story of Tullamore Whiskey began.

Daniel Edmund Williams started working here as a young boy of fifteen. Doing manual labouring jobs, his keen interest and passion for the distillery and the process of creating whiskey shone through and at the age of 25 he was made the manager of the whole place.

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As well as creating the famous Tullamore Dew, another popular creation that the distillery is known for is Irish mist – this was the first whiskey liquor to come out in Ireland and has remained popular ever since.

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