how to install garden ground lights

The illumination outside is necessary and convenient, and some lights in the garden can serve to guide our steps in the dark and to prevent we can on our garden or our flowers or stumble on something. Installing an outdoor light is not a difficult task. Follow these steps.

How to install garden ground lights?

After choosing where we are going to place the focus, it will be time to make a ditch about 30 centimeters deep to place the focus with its corresponding cables. The cables will be inserted into a corrugated tube, that is, suitable for outdoors. Measure the distance from the bulb to the socket to cut the required tube. Always leave something left over.

how to install garden ground lights

The connection of the focus to electricity is made by means of distribution boxes or watertight boxes, in which water cannot enter. Before performing this task, turn off the power. The inner tube and cables will go from the focus to the box buried in the ground, but first, we will place the corrugated tube in the waterproof box. The tube is placed according to its diameter thanks to some plastic parts of the watertight boxes with different possibilities. Cut according to that diameter and you can now insert the corrugated tube.

Each light bulb has different connection rules, follow them to ensure a proper and safe installation. The most common thing is to pass the cables through the outer tube and once you have them in the box, join them each with their respective color. If you use a wire inside the tube it will be easier to route the wires through the tube by tying them to one end of the wire and, pulling after the opposite end, they will appear on the side of the box. If you want to make sure that water does not get into the cable box, you can use silicone to seal it.

Once the cables have been passed through the tube, you can now bury it by throwing the dirt aside when you made the trench. Now we will place the focus on the ground thanks to a spike that usually accompanies the kit to facilitate installation and removal. Place it and orient it as you prefer. Reconnect the power and check that the bulb turns on when we activate it.

Depending on the model of light, the installation may vary, but you only have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take basic safety precautions when working with electricity; that is, cut the power and try not to damage the cables in the task.

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