How to kill tomato hornworms

The tomatoes can present these worms fat, green with white stripes and a horn at the end of the tail, called rhino horn. It is very easy to camouflage them with the tomato plant and ignore them, these are the so-called horned worms. Surely, you will notice the holes in the tomato leaves and their dark-colored droppings before finding the worm’s own body. Here, we reveal how to kill horned tomato worms so that you have a healthy harvest and do not have any problem locating them.

How to kill tomato hornworms?

Steps to follow:

If there is one thing that characterizes worms, it is that they are elusive. First of all, if you want to locate them without losing patience, spray the tomato plant with water so that they twist and make it easier to see them.

Finish off the horned tomato worms by hand and cause casualties in your environment. If you disgust touching them, you can use tweezers to tear them from there, remember that they usually hide on the back of the tomato leaf. Take them off carefully!

Buy an insecticide that contains Bacillus Thuringiensis, a substance used to kill small horned worms. Follow the instructions on the label of your insecticide and apply it blindly to all parts of the plant, including the inside of the leaves. Use it every 10 to 15 days until you have eliminated the pest. Note that it takes 1 to 2 days for Bacillus Thuringiensis to kill the worm.

It is also a good idea to use an insecticide that has pyrethrin to kill horned worms on larger tomatoes. It must be in direct contact with the caterpillar to eliminate them, spray it approximately twice, 3 or 4 days apart for it to take effect.

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