What to do before demolishing a wall of your house

If you are looking to expand the interior of your home to create a more spacious and functional environment, you can demolish a wall. However, before proceeding to break down one or more walls, careful consideration is required to avoid the danger of collapses. In this regard, here is a list of some things to know before demolishing a wall.

Things to know before demolishing a wall

The first thing to know before demolishing a wall is to check if it is a load-bearing wall. If this is the case, it is very likely that it is not possible to knock it down, unless some expert technician is assisted in turn by a surveyor for preventive safety. Having said that, it should also be added that the load-bearing walls move perpendicularly to the floor joists and are usually positioned somewhere around the center of the house. They are structural elements and if you remove them, the integrity of the same can be seriously compromised.

What to do before demolishing a wall of your house

Check for pipes

Another important thing to know before demolishing a wall is to check for pipes. In fact, there may be important components inside the cavities of the wall such as electrical cables and hydraulic pipes. Having said that, it is also advisable to check whether there are air intakes in the wall itself and visible only from the opposite side.

Check for toxic materials

Depending on when your house was built, it is possible that there are some toxic materials inside the walls, so it is important to check for their presence. In fact, in particular, it must be ensured that lead-based paint has not been used, which represents a potential problem for houses built before 1978, as well as asbestos panels which in recent decades were very popular to make these structures fireproof.

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Consider the imperfection of the ceiling

If it is safe to remove the wall, there are other important things to think about before making the final decision. In fact, you have to consider that once demolished, there will be an evident imperfection on the ceiling and on the floor where it was once fixed. Both anchoring points, above all for an aesthetic factor, will have to be repaired, therefore it should be considered that on the upper part it may be necessary to paint the entire ceiling and on the lower part the replacement of a row of tiles.

Use appropriate tools

Breaking down a wall offers many possibilities to create a completely new and functional space for your home, especially if the existing one is too narrow. However, before starting to use a hammer and chisel, there are a number of considerations that need to be made. In this case, the advice is to ask an expert for some information on the most appropriate tools, and for any precautions to be taken as the wall is demolished starting from the top.

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