above ground pool lights

Pool lighting is one of the best solutions to make it more beautiful and elegant. However, as for inground pools, even those above ground present safety problems and, in particular, as regards lighting solutions. In fact, even if there is a huge variety of lights that can be used, it is necessary to make sure that they are installed safely and that they do not pose a potential danger to people inside and outside the pool. Water and electricity are a lethal combination, so proper care is needed. Let’s see how to set up above ground pool lights.

The setup above ground pool lights

You will need:

  • Lights
  • Wiring

above ground pool lights

Illuminate the edges

The lights are a very important aspect of the swimming pool, especially if you intend to use it after dark. To avoid accidental accidents, it is always essential to adequately illuminate the edges and protrusions first, so that no one risks accidentally falling into the pool; then you must also light stairs leading to it so that the exits and entranceways are clearly visible. To meet these needs, LED strips can be used, as they are cheap, underwater and consume very little electricity.

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Perform grounding

Many electrocution accidents in swimming pool areas tend to be caused by bad lighting. In fact, aging electrical wiring that is not properly grounded tends to cause these problems. So the first thing to do with any wiring and lighting near the pool areas is to install them properly. In fact, no cables should be left exposed near such a large water source as a swimming pool.

Choose circuit breakers

Furthermore, the lighting and circuits must be protected by GFCI systems (earth leakage circuit breakers), specially designed to prefigure electrocution as they interrupt the circuits when the electric current varies in any way. In this way, even if people experience an electric shock, they will not be electrocuted.

Respect the distances

When installing lighting, wiring and junction boxes, make sure that they comply with national specifications by installing them at a horizontal distance of at least one and a half meters and at a height of at least 40 cm. Also, when installing the lights inside or around the above ground pool, it is essential to make sure that the fixture is well sealed to prevent water from reaching the bulbs.

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