Hardtail Mountain Bike

Today we have talked about something pro like how hard you can ride your hardtail especially mountain bike and today is one of those days where I’m going to tick off all the things that this beast is capable of.


What this means is that this head angle is super slack, there’s a 140 ml of travel up front, the frame is super rigid, has a low BB, and you can throw anything on this bike, and it’ll take it on.

Whether it’s embracing your spirit for adventure, or tackling all those single-track trails in the woods, to your local pump track, to your local dirt jumps, even racing some cross bike, downhill, or enduro racing, this thing is built for it.

It caters to a number of different disciplines from single track loop to dirt jumping, to dual slalom, to mini downhill, to free ride stuff.

So, has all the disciplines covered, I’m going to see if this thing can do the whole bike park with ease.

Speed, aggression, everything, if you don’t know what is all about, basically its four riders racing against each other down a track, which is on a slope.

If you want to know more about hardtail vs full suspension comparison then check our article.

It’s downhill but has a number of jumps, there’s a number of turns, there are big gaps, there are some different obstacles out there that you have to navigate yourself through against the other three riders.

So, I’m going to go flat town, I’m going to pedaling turns, I’m going to see if this bike can handle it, if it’s got the grip, let’s do it.

Rear Wheel

Especially for those big jumps, like that triple there, and that double, and that one double down there into that turn, you need to get as much power down to that rear wheel as possible.

When you’re having a full suspension, like if I was to ride my Scott Genius on this track or to be looking at that rear suspension to get as much power as possible to clear those jumps.

This bike is worthy of racing, you could race this thing on the weekend, and then pedal or go for an enduro ride on a Sunday or a Monday.

Let’s move on to the next challenge. If you find yourself in a bike park, where there are little tabletops, like dirt jumps, and they get progressively bigger.

Which turn into doubles, which get progressively bigger and steeper, but still get bigger and question is can it dirt jump?

Well, here are a few simple ones on it. I’ve just shown you, it can, but there are a few things you got to take into consideration when jumping an all-around aggressive hardtail trail bike,

such as my new Groove Scout is that the dirt jumps bike’s 26-inch wheels, its hardtail, the front suspension is going to be into buying a hardtail, then look at what you’re actually going to riding.

If you’re going to be riding a lot of cross country, dirt roads, single track with a lot more climbing involved, then look at getting a pure-bred cross-country bike.


Hopefully, you enjoyed this article, and it’s given you a little bit more of an insight into what a hardtail can do and its limitations.

I’d love to push this thing a lot more. I want to challenge it actually. I want to see how hard I can actually ride the hardtail.

By Roger Walker

The writer of this article, currently manages his own blog moment for life and spreads happiness, and is managing to do well by mixing online marketing and traditional marketing practices into one.

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