Gender revelations are a special way that mom. There are lots of creative ways to reveal gender and sometimes the future parents are even kept in the dark on if it’s going to be a boy or a girl.

Here are 10 par

1. Punch Pong

You’ve probably played beer pong, right? The concept is simple: Set up cups in a triangle formation on each end of a long table. Try to bounce ping-pong balls into the opposing team’s cups. (In this case, teams are usually partners.) If you land a ball in a cup, one of them has to chug whatever’s in the cup. For a gendered version, use pink and blue (spiked or virgin) punch.

2. Cornhole

Similar to punch pong, making cornhole stay on theme is all about being adaptable. Pick up some new bean bags to toss in the typical blue and pink color scheme.

3. Pink and Blue “Guess the Lyrics”

There are a surprising number of songs with the words “pink” or “blue” in them — think “Folsom Prison Blues,” “Pink Cadillac,” and “Red Roses for a Blue Lady.” Hand out printed sheets with a line from each song written and have everyone try to name the song.

4. Pink and Blue M&Ms Guess

This is super simple and doesn’t really take up much time in the game, but fill a baby bottle with specially ordered pink and blue M&Ms. Have guests guess how many there are in total. Or have them guess how many of each color, a game Berndien Eillert has hosted for her children.

5. Baby Name Alphabet

You can let everyone work in their teams, as partners, or as individuals for this game. It’s super-easy. Set a time limit and ask everyone to come up with a name for each letter of the alphabet. The catch: If they wore blue, they can only use boy names. Meanwhile, the pink team can only use girls’ names to complete the list. This is harder than it seems!

6. Carnival Balloon Pop

You know those walls of balloons at the carnival that you pop using darts? For this game, you’ll fill all but one balloon with a gender-neutral color. White paint, silver/gold glitter, and yellow powder are all great options. One balloon, though, will have paint in either blue or pink. Let everyone take turns slinging darts. The winner gets the honor of “announcing” your babe’s gender. If you ask us, they should probably get a prize, too. You do you and play games at top casinos online.

7. Piñata

“But that’s not a game, Scary Mommy!” Is it fun? Yes. Does someone “win”? Basically. That makes it a game. Fill an on-theme pinata with blue or pink candy and let all your (probably punch-drunk) friends take turns trying to blast it open.

8. Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? Another fun way to reveal your baby’s gender is to take your party on a little quest. Each clue could include important dates or places that relate to your relationship or lead to a goofy picture of you hanging on the wall. The final clue could even be the ultrasound picture. It’s your party and your game. You make the rules!

9. Gender Cake Pop Reveal

Looking for a sweet way to tell everyone the gender of your kid? Have a special batch of cake pops that are decorated pink and blue on the outside, but filled with either pink or blue on the inside. When it’s time to reveal the gender, everyone will take a bite.

10. Tire Burnout

Want to rev up your gender reveal like no other? Place burnout packs between your car’s tires. Have your partner get in the car, squeal the tires and leave everyone in a fog of pink or blue. This will let everyone know your baby’s gender in the coolest way.

By Roger Walker

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