Perhaps you are moving into your new home or maybe you are considering a full remodel of the kitchen in your current one, the layout of your cabinets is extremely important. So much so in fact, it could be the difference between a kitchen that is a joy to use or a nightmare that must be avoided at all costs.

The main concern is convenience. Your cabinets provide you with all of the much-needed storage that will hold everything you use in this room on a daily basis. That means you must consider the size of the cabinets and drawers you have as well as their placement near the stove and oven. You should also put a lot of thought into how easy you make it to access these areas and decide what items should be placed where.

So whether you are planning on building custom cabinets Lynchburg VA or you wish to install cabinets that are pre-fabricated from your local store, you should first think about the layout choices that will serve you and your family best.


Before you start to plan the layout of your cabinets, consider the fact that you will be using your storage on such a routine basis. So, decide the areas that are best to place cabinets and drawers in a manner that allows for you to reach the things you will need most often as you cook and bake meals and treats for you and your family. Good functionality only exists when your cabinetry serves a convenient and useful purpose.


Don’t underestimate the amount of storage you will need in your kitchen. One of the more common mistakes that homeowners make when they are planning their kitchen layout is failure to account for enough space to place sufficient cabinetry. Don’t be shy about using every available inch of the room, no need in wasting space with empty gaps up above the cabinets. You should also think about installing deeper drawers to give you more access to your utensils and pots and pans.

Appliances and Awkward Objects

Your countertops can get cluttered pretty quickly when you place appliances and oversized cookware that don’t get used very often on top of it. Instead, consider placing these objects into your cabinets. You may need to install cabinets and drawers that can accommodate these items easily without the need to get on your hands and knees and go digging around to retrieve them.

Good Lighting

That’s right, your cabinet layout should incorporate the right amount of lighting that is available inside your kitchen. Too many homeowners go with overhead lighting as the main source of illumination, but this is just not effective. You don’t want the lighting to be behind you as this can cause severe shadows over your workspace. That can have an impact on the preparation of your food. But placing the lighting in front of you, perhaps located beneath your cabinets, can make it a lot easier to see what you are doing.

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