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Month: October 2019

Why landlords should embrace technology

Proptech is the latest buzzword in the housing market. And with digitisation affecting every sector, the property management industry needs to stay in step. With the ability to totally transform the market, is it time for estate agents and landlords to embrace technology?

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What is proptech?

As the name suggests, proptech, or property technology, is transforming the property sector through digitisation. Embracing everything from virtual reality to 3D printing, proptech could revolutionise the way we sell and lease property.

VR property tours

One of the most exciting developments in proptech is the ability to take a VR tour of a property. Whether you’re a landlord, buyer or renter, VR delivers new ways to manage and view property in our time poor world.

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Streamlining maintenance

If you’re a landlord with a wide ranging property portfolio, imagine the ability to keep on top of maintenance through a handy app. The tenant reports a problem and uploads a photo for additional information, which then alerts the landlord to the situation. There’s no need for a visit and the problem can be fixed fast, to the satisfaction of all involved.

Easy property inventory

Property inventory software makes inspection and inventory straightforward. Using a product like, a landlord can complete reports faster in the field, then edit online before generating a professional report that can virtually eliminate tenant disputes.

Simplified rent collection

With the development of mobile banking and innovative open banking applications, landlords can automate rent collection by encouraging tenants to set up regular monthly payments. As these technologies develop, the process of rent collection could deliver added functionality in the future.

Intelligent monitoring

Smart home technology and the Internet of Things deliver intelligent control and energy monitoring for the home, reducing costs and delivering better value. Smart security features are a useful way to give landlords complete oversight of a property when empty, wherever they are in the world. Smart technology can deliver bottom line gains for landlords across their portfolio.

Finding tenants

By moving tenant checks into the online space, proptech could make it much easier to find the right tenants. From easy online credit and employment checks to following up references, proptech streamlines management workflows. The development of AI is also making waves in the property business, by using smart data driven algorithms to match tenants and landlords safely and securely.


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Keep Your Home Safe at Night with Entryway Lighting

The front entryway of the home must be lit properly as a means for keeping your home safe in the evenings. For starters it keeps your entry well-lit so as to prevent anyone from slipping and falling in the dark due to poor visibility. This not only avoids injury for you, your family, and any guests, but it also reduces your potential liability for being sued as a result of that injury.

Good entryway lighting also makes it easier for you to see anyone who steps up to your front door unexpectedly. A strange knock on the door can be unsettling, it’s even more concerning when you are unable to see who it is on the other side of the door. With bright lights increasing your visibility, you won’t need to wonder and worry as to who is on your front step unannounced.

Finally, entryway lighting is a signal that you are home. This can deter any intruders or thieves who may be planning on targeting your home and property for theft or other crimes. So when it comes to the best entryway lighting options, turn to Outdoor Lighting Perspectives to help you increase visibility, deter criminals, and improve your home’s curb appeal.

Dark Front Steps

When you light the entryway of your home with the right lighting, you are creating an inviting atmosphere for invited guests while chasing away those uninvited guests who plan to break into homes that are unoccupied for the evening. Thieves don’t want to ransack a home that has occupants inside, they would much rather do their work alone.

So, let the good guys and the bad guys know that you are home by providing an abundance of light at your front door.

Front Walk Lighting

Among the more common landscape lighting tips is to install small walkway lights leading from your front steps down the main path connecting your front door to a nearby sidewalk or your garage. Placing a set of walkway light fixtures can ensure that your front walk has plenty of visibility once the sun goes down.

Just make sure your lighting scheme is evenly designed so that you have no dark spots along the pathway. Even one dark area along your front pathway could pose potential safety risks and hazards for a slip and fall accident. But don’t bunch them up too close together either, that will just result in pools of lighting that are too bright for the front of your home, negatively impacting your home’s curb appeal and even making your pathway lighting too bright for your neighbors as well.

Timer Options

We discussed the importance of having your front entryway lighting on during the evening. Keeping that in mind, you may want to consider adding a timer to that lighting fixture. In the event you aren’t home when the sun goes down, who is going to turn your front entryway lights on? If you have a timer installed, you won’t ever need to worry about answering that question.

How to Locate Ants Entry Point into Your Home

Keep pests away, that’s the best advice for a healthy and happy home. For some pests, that’s easier said than done and in the case of ants, you could be dealing with a big problem that is only going to get worse before it gets better.

Ants are gross. They invade your home seeking out food and when they find it you can bet you will have an infestation the likes of which you’ve probably never seen before. But you can’t let these invading hordes win the day, you need to fight back. There’s nothing worse than seeing those tiny little insects marching across your floor, swarming in and around your pantry, or crawling on your children.

Pest control services can help eliminate the problem, but they can be expensive and your problem may not be that severe…yet. The trick is to deal with the problem at the very first sign of even one ant moving around in your personal space. That calls for locating how and where that ant (and possibly hundreds or thousands of others) is finding a way into your home.

Let’s stop this from becoming a serious issue. Here are the ways in which you can locate the ants’ entry point into the house and the options you have for shutting those areas of ingress to prevent further nuisance and bother.

Where to Look

The truth is there may be more than one place where the ants are getting in. So, you’re going to need to conduct a thorough and complete search of all the regions in and around your home. Your examinations may come across multiple entrances, which is problematic to say the least but the sooner you identify these vulnerabilities, the better.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, no matter how hard you look, you may miss one or two openings and not even realize you have until you find a trail of ants marching in through your kitchen.

Home Exterior

There’s one thing of which you can be sure when it comes to finding where the ants are coming from, it’s the outdoors. So, start by searching for the entrances that exists out there. Look at the sidewalks, the foundation of the home, even the soil and grass surrounding the property. Ants can travel as far as 100 feet from their nests, so you should extend your search area at least that far.

Look around the exterior of the house itself. Check for cracks or gaps near windows or around door frames. These tiny gaps can be pretty hard to spot without closer inspection but you’ll be glad you put some extra effort into the task. Not only do these little vulnerabilities allow for ants and other small pests to get inside the house, they also allow for your climate-controlled interior air to escape out. This reduces the energy efficiency of the home and it can leave you running your HVAC system much longer than typically necessary.

Shutting Them Out

After you locate all of the possible means of access for the ants to get in your home, you need to take steps to seal up these entrances permanently. You can use just about anything, from putty to plaster to glue to caulk. These materials are designed to last and should hold up for a long time, so you need not worry about ants getting into your home from the outdoors again.

Home Interior

Once you’ve discovered and closed all of the identifiable exterior entrances that were giving ants an invitation into your home, it’s time now to start checking all around the interior of the dwelling. It’s best to start from the ground up which means you want to go into the basement first.

You are most likely to find ants getting in through areas near leaky pipes, a hot water heater, even the washing machine. Any places where moisture can be prevalent, these are the areas that ants are attracted to the most. If you notice any rotten wood you may have identified the exact location where the ants are making their way inside.

Next, go up to the main level of the home. The rooms where food is stored and water is available. So, this is going to start with your kitchen, then the dining room. Look to window sills and baseboards, near countertops where food is typically prepared. You may see an ant or two or more here and when you do, watch where they return to when they are exiting the house.

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Busy Holiday Season: How to Keep Your Carpet Clean

The holiday season is just on the horizon and you have a lot of things to prepare. Christmas shopping, holiday party planning, it can get pretty hectic in those last few weeks of the year. One of the things you shouldn’t overlook is your ability to keep carpet clean in the face of higher than normal levels of foot traffic.

With friends and family coming around to visit and maybe even stay over for days or even weeks at a time, your carpet can start to feel the effects of all that activity. This can make it easier for dirt and grime to dull the appearance of the carpet and stains are more likely to set in for the long term.

That’s why you need to take some precautions to ensure that your carpet looks and feels its best throughout the holidays. Following these simple steps can go a long way towards safeguarding your expensive floor coverings so the only memories you have of the season are pleasant and not spurred by ugly marks and discolorations in the surface of your carpet fibers.

Vacuum First

Before you do a thing, go get the vacuum cleaner out and start it up. You’re going to use it in every room where you have carpeting installed. If you’re pressed for time (and during the holidays who isn’t?), you can vacuum only the rooms where you expect to have family and guests spending much of their time.

You want to vacuum as a way to remove the dirt and soil that has been stuck in your carpet fibers and prevent it from getting driven deeper towards the backing material. Be sure to do a thorough job, don’t miss any spots. This means you will need to move furniture around and get into those hard to reach areas in every room.

Apply Stain Repellent

Most carpet manufacturers now include a stain guard or protectant that keeps spills from turning into long-standing nightmares. The fibers are treated with a protective sealant that keeps out anything you might spill on the surface. This includes anything from red wine to gravy and sauce to pet urine, pretty much everything that could end up on your carpet over the holidays.

Chances are you purchased the carpet knowing it had this special feature but if you did not pick a carpet that has a pre-applied sealant you can always have it applied after the fact. Most carpet cleaning services urbana md offer sealant application to consumer carpeting as a way to keep the fibers safe from harm. This might be especially helpful during the holiday season because you may be as careful and cautious as possible in caring for your carpeting even if your guests are not. Now this will take the edge off your worries as any spill or accident won’t damage the appearance of your carpeting.

No Shoes Policy

One of the more common methods for keeping your carpet clean is to institute a no shoes policy in the house. This prevents anyone from tracking dirt, mud, and other contaminants into the home and into your carpet.

How to choose the right hose for your application

Vital to many construction projects, the humble hose is worth big money and is a huge growth sector within construction.

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Industry analysts state that the industrial hose market worldwide was worth almost $11bn (£8.5bn) in 2018; what’s more, they project that this will almost double to just over $21bn by 2027. Such rapid growth is suggested to be down to the increased demand for PVC-based products and infrastructure developments, but how can we know which materials should be used in a variety of different applications?

Know your hose

There are a wide variety of hoses manufactured for use in the construction industry, each with their own strengths and benefits. These range from the optimum working temperature to the pressure the hose can withstand. They are often defined primarily by the material the hose is manufactured from, but other factors – such as price – can come into play here.

The best way to select the optimum hose for your application is to ensure that you are aware of the transportation media to be used with the hose, its temperature, and its pressure. These variables can often help you to make your decision over the material to be employed fairly rapidly.

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Utilising a hose made of the wrong material for the temperatures required can lead to the hose becoming brittle over time, ultimately failing and requiring often costly maintenance work. Selecting the correct materials for the job can help to prevent this, so let’s take a look at a couple of materials and their respective properties.

The best material for the job

Silicone hoses are used in a range of systems due to their durability and temperature resistance. Silicone hose manufacturers will produce hoses that can operate with materials at temperatures of up to 180°C and as low as -50°C. The hoses’ flexible nature means that they are adept at being used within cooling systems in cars and other vehicles, with silicone hose manufacturers able to produce hoses with a vast range of diameters to fit a range of needs.

If higher temperatures are being worked with, glass fabric hoses are ideal for use within furnace vents, chimney ducts or exhaust ports. These hoses are resistant to many chemicals in addition to the high temperatures, making them incredibly durable.


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How to Avoid your eBay Store failing

At first glance, eBay seems like an amazing land of opportunity. Anyone can list products and attract people who are looking for exactly what it is that they have to offer. Listing fees are fairly low, the site is a household name and there’s a ready-made pool of buyers.

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Sadly, there’s also a huge database of sellers. Most niches are hugely competitive, with thin margins and the listings dominated by huge companies that keep costs low by buying in bulk and outsourcing their fulfilment. It can be difficult for a smaller company or a sole trader to compete. However, it is possible.  By marketing your items correctly you will be able get above the rest of the competition but make sure you do it in the correct way.  To get the best advice from experts you could contact a Cheltenham Branding Agency at links like such as

Building a Loyal Customer Base

There are many eBay success stories, people who have found ways to differentiate themselves through their knowledge of their niche, and through repeat custom. Once someone has bought from you once, you can reach out to them and have them come back to your store directly, helping to avoid the issue of cut-price competition.

Making a Great Store

Where many sellers fall down is poor quality listings and a poorly designed store. Many bidders make use of the search feature, and writing descriptive headlines that include the kinds of words people search for is important if you want to attract buyers. It’s also important to include high quality images in your listings, and make sure that the page includes all the information that a buyer could possibly want about the item.

Buyers know that eBay is home to individual sellers as well as big name brands, and most shoppers will have been burned at least once with an auction gone wrong, so they will have criteria that they will use to judge whether a store is reputable. Your eBay store design is one thing that they will be looking at. How easy is it to navigate categories in your store? Does your template look professional? Investing in some work by professionals will go a long way towards building customer trust.

In the long term, what makes a successful store is a large inventory and good feedback. It takes time to build a good reputation on eBay, but if you are happy to put in the work, you can make a career out of it.