Hand pain is typically brought on as a result of two major factors, you have either injured the hand in some capacity or you are overusing it in repetitive fashion. In either instance, pain is common and can be managed through most home remedies. However the pain can also become so unbearable as to necessitate a visit to a hand doctor in Richmond VA.

There is a third factor that can also bring about hand pain in that a number of medical conditions are associated with pain and discomfort located in the hand, fingers, and wrist. Depending on the severity of the pain and the causes of it, you may need a simple treatment or you could be looking at the possibility of surgery to correct the issue.


It’s possible to injure the hand in a wide variety of ways. Although you use these parts of the body on a daily basis, they are still sensitive and susceptible to all manner of hard blows and knocks, fingers can get jammed or sprained, and of course, there is the potential for getting your hand caught in doors and other tight spaces.

An injury can come about from a bad blow caused by a fall, the fingers are bent backward or jammed, or the hand is injured during a strenuous activity such as lifting heavy objects or while playing a sport. Besides the feeling of pain or discomfort, you can also see swelling and bruising. It’s possible to dislocate or even fracture a finger, which can lead to throbbing and soreness.


Use of the hand in repetitive movements on a constant basis can also lead to pain and discomfort. This overuse can lead to feelings of pain in the muscles, tendons, and nerves. Certain movements can bring about this type of overuse such as working at a computer every day, lifting heavy objects on a consistent basis, the use of certain tools, and playing a sport.

In most cases, this discomfort can be alleviated through the use of hot or cold applied to the area of discomfort. Sometimes an over the counter pain remedy can also reduce the pain and swelling that can come with overuse. In those severe cases where the pain is extreme, it may require choosing a hand surgeon to operate on the afflicted area.

Fortunately, many issues brought on by overuse can be corrected through rest of the hand.

Seeking Out Medical Help

If you are experiencing pain that is intense and persistent, you should see a doctor. Hand pain that won’t subside with home remedies, continues to intensify, or brings other symptoms that increase the pain or discomfort in other areas or brings about a fever should be looked at by a doctor.

If the pain is from a broken arm or wrist or comes on suddenly and severely, you should go to the emergency room and seek out immediate professional attention. It is not recommended that you allow that pain to go unchecked as it could lead to more serious problems.

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