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Selling a Facebook account is a new way to make money

Facebook is a fairly popular social network that offers many ways to earn money. Advertising on the platform runs without problems if the profile meets all the requirements of the social network. But you also need to know that you can only create one account on Facebook.

Today, very often people are offered to earn money - to sell their Facebook accounts. What is it for? And who buys the accounts?


Why do people buy Facebook accounts?


Simply put, if you sell a Facebook account, you will receive money, and the person who agreed to buy a Facebook account will be able to set up advertising.

For just 100 rubles, you can buy a working account with a history that will still be blocked after a while, it may not even take a few hours. But even this time is enough to attract customers.

You can buy verified Facebook accounts for the following areas of arbitration:

  • Nutra — much-needed products for health and beauty (dietary supplements, diets, rejuvenation, etc.)
  • Adult — everything related to intimacy (pornographic sites, erotic products, drugs for penis enlargement);
  • Dating - advertising services for regular dating and sex;
  • Gambling - niches that specialise in games of chance (online casinos, slot machines, bookmakers).

Facebook advertising accounts are needed for targeted conversions. They are usually bought because such a strategy has many undeniable advantages.


Conditions for buying a Facebook account


Facebook accounts are usually sold with a promoted page:

  • more than 100 friends;
  • account older than 1 year;
  • comments, posts, photos.

If you don't meet any of the above criteria, then it's pointless to even think about selling a Facebook account, because the sites won't even consider you. 

You can sell and buy an account on special platforms, through ads, in online stores specialized in selling accounts.

You should definitely not buy accounts in bad stores. They can be identified by the following criteria:

  • prices are below average;
  • lack of reviews;
  • lack of confidence in the arbitrator;
  • little information, no contacts about the seller.

In recent years, the sale and purchase of a real user accounts on social networks has been gaining popularity. Buying Facebook accounts is one of the working ways to break into the world of advertising and making money.

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