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Innovation in Casino Table Games - Chinese Roulette

Innovation in Casino Table Games - Chinese Roulette

NZ Online Casinos for KiwisBest New Zealand Online Casinos 2022Chinese Roulette - an innovative game from Winsystems There is little innovation in the world of casino table games, so the development of Chinese Roulette is perhaps the big news of the year. Chinese Roulette is a completely new type of game, and the developer Winsystems has tried to make it both recognizable and new at the same time. There will not be many of the usual bets, for example, the corner or columns, which are typical for traditional roulette games. Indeed, instead of a rectangular table, the betting field looks like an eight. The innovative Chinese Roulette is aimed primarily at Asian punters. But, most likely, it will also interest many other exotic lovers. At the moment, Chinese Roulette is available in land-based casinos and is unlikely to be available on casino sites, since Winsystems does not produce games for online operators %s... This is not a traditional roulette table with a real betting field. Each punter has his own monitor on which he can place bets. In the center is the roulette wheel, which starts automatically without a dealer. In total, a standard set of numbers from 0 to 36 is offered. If you look at the picture, you will see six signs of the zodiac from the Chinese calendar inside each circle: rooster, monkey, goat, horse, etc. These are alternative bets instead of the traditional street bets. Even closer to the center, another circle, divided into two halves %s... This is already the symbolism of four elements: wood, fire, metal, water. A bet on these sectors implies a bet on 9 numbers. On this topic, Yggdrasil launched the Golden Chip Roulette with multiplication up to 500x One of the main distinguishing features is the presence of Zero Game. If zero falls out, then the punters can return their bet. The odds are 50/50. One card will be dealt, and if it turns out to be higher than the eight, then the punters' bets that were not made on zero are returned back. If the card is lower than eight, the punters lose their bet. Similar rules already exist in Roulette %s... For example, La Partage implies the loss of only half of the amount if the even odds bet does not work due to the falling out of zero. And the En Prison rule implies that the punter's bet remains in place and is played out again if zero falls out. If you win in the next round, the bet is returned to the punter without winning.

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