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How are free spins awarded? Mathematics, Statistics

How are free spins awarded? Mathematics, Statistics

How do pokies determine the number of free spins? Most pokies have a round of free spins.NZ Online Casinos for Kiwis Moreover, many of these rounds offer a different number of free spins, for example, from 10 to 25. How do pokies determine how many spins a punter should credit? Slot Mathematics It all starts when you create a pokie machine. This goes into the math of the pokie. The mathematician determines the probability percentage, weight and range of random numbers for a specific number of free spins. For example, see the table below %s... Number of free spins Weight Probability Random numbers 10 40 40% 1-40 12 25 25% 41-65 15 20 20% 66-85 25 10 10% 86-95 40 5 5% 96-100 After the pokie machine is programmed by this scheme, the game will proceed as follows. A random number generator (RNG) is used to determine the number. Let's assume that the RNG has issued 11. Then you have 10 free spins activated. Since if you look at the last column of the upper table, the number 11 refers to the range that gives 10 free spins. If, for example, instead of 11, the RNG determines the number 100, then the punter will receive 40 free spins. The wider the range of numbers, the more likely it is to activate one or another package of free spins. Why does the maximum number of free spins rarely appear? Since the smallest package (10 FS) has the highest probability (40%), this is the number of free spins that will be activated most often %s... You may have noticed that the maximum number of free spins drops out much less often. For example, if you focus on the table above, then out of 100 activations of the bonus round, on average, only 5 of them will give you 40 free spins. This is the same principle that is used in pokies in general. The larger the prize or jackpot, the less likely it is to receive it. So, don't be angry that out of 10 activations of the bonus, you always get the minimum number of free spins. This is just a probability, not karma and hardly a casino scam. Although the latter option is not excluded if you register on dubious sites. Check out our blacklist to avoid scammers %s... And for greater reliability, you can choose the top casinos from our rating. On this topic Install the casino on your computer. How to do it, and why is it needed? Even developers with a fairly well-known name have been caught in dishonest deeds in the past. Therefore, cheating on the part of the game provider is also possible. For example, Sheriff Gaming could manipulate the outcome of the game. And GameArt admitted that the RTP of the demo of the game was different from the RTP of the usual mode.NZ Online Casinos for Kiwis In the case of GameArt, it was just the bonus rounds. In demo mode, they dropped out too often, while in real game the correct settings were used %s... You might think that the free mode means nothing, however, this is a very serious scam that aims to deceive punters in a way. Statistics for long-term play Keep in mind that the probability is observed only over a long period of time. For example, with 10,000 activations of the free spins round. Casinos often receive complaints that the games are tweaked, as punters cannot get some kind of coveted prize or bonus round. But operators rarely pay attention to this, as they realize that many are simply not familiar with how games work. If you use our table and take 10,000 activations of the bonus rounds, then on average 500 times punters will receive 40 free spins. The remaining 9,500 times the number of free spins will vary from 10 to 25. It is quite logical that in your 10 or even 50 bonus rounds you will not receive the maximum package of free spins %s... Often, the number of free spins is not determined by chance after the bonus round is activated, but based on the number of scatters. For example, 3 scatters - 10 free spins, 4 scatters - 15, 5 scatters - 30. The number of scatters on each reel will play a role here. The probability of activating the bonus round Each reel has a certain number of symbols. Let's say there are 30 symbols on the first and second reels, of which there are 3 scatters, on the third reel there are only 2 scatters, and on the fourth and fifth, one. For example, the probability of getting three scatters on the first three reels is: 3/30 * 3/30 * 2/30= 0.00067%.

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