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Representative of NetEnt appeals to punters to hear their opinion

Representative of NetEnt appeals to punters to hear their opinion

fastpay casino australiaNetEnt reached out to the punters. Who likes/dislikes what? Recently, negative statements about the NetEnt developer have often been heard. Someone says that they have dropped from a leading position to almost tenth place and the like. Personally, such a negative is not entirely clear to me. Much more noticeable, in my opinion, is the decline of Microgaming in the field of creating pokies and their decision to cooperate with inexperienced studios that cannot produce interesting games. Perhaps in view of this criticism, one of the NetEnt employees decided, so to speak, to go out and ask the punters what they like or dislike %s... This employee is Games Product Director (most likely Game Development Director), who is registered on the Casinomeister forum as burgstrom. The screenshot below is an excerpt from his forum post. This translates to: What are we doing that we should stop doing? What are we doing that we must continue to do? What are we not doing but should be doing? The functions of the games you like don't like. Elements of our games' interface and experiences that drive you crazy for good or bad. The representative immediately responded to a popular question recently. It concerns the variance of the Dead or Alive pokie. The fact is that not so long ago the developer launched this pokie in HTML5 format. After that, rumors quickly spread that the pokie was reconfigured for a larger number of small wins and fewer large ones %s... To this, a NetEnt employee replied that the math of the pokie has definitely not changed. On this topic, Microgaming launched Book of Oz with individual reels respin. Claims and Suggestions One of the users asked if Starburst is really as popular as they write about it. This question interested me as well, since the pokie machine does not seem so special in terms of recoil or showiness. However, a NetEnt spokesman said that according to the data he has, it is indeed the most popular online pokie machine. Regarding the fact that I did not like the remark that when the bonus round is activated, instead of free spins the punter can get a cash prize, as is the case with Fairytale Legends and many other pokies. The punter noted that he does not like this. Instead, he suggested making fewer bonuses. A developer representative found this idea interesting %s..fastpay casino login. If other users support it, it is possible that NetEnt will reconsider this feature in the future. They also discussed what many punters have been unhappy with lately - a small maximum win. But apparently, the developer has already listened to this discontent. He recently released the first pokie that comes with his MAX twin. MAX versions of some games will be released in addition to the main ones. They will differ only by a higher variance, when the winnings occur less often, but you can get larger amounts. Commenting on the low maximum winnings, the representative asked the punters what the ideal rate should be in order for them to play the pokie regularly. In this regard, he joked that the problem is that pokies cannot constantly give out big winnings, unless, of course, they are connected directly to Elon Musk's bank account (a well-known investor, engineer and creator of SpaceX) %s... There was also a wish to remove some of the games released in 2012-2013 such as Steam Tower, Theme Park, Jackanory and bring back Trolls and South Park. Conclusion The mere fact that a studio representative came out to listen to the punters is commendable, especially at a time when dissatisfaction with their performance has grown. Casinomeister users have provided a lot of useful information about what to keep, add or remove. And this topic, most likely, will be open for a long time. I think NetEnt will listen to the punters' opinions. And in the future, perhaps, such discussions will be held not only in one forum, but also in many others. And it would be nice for other developers to contact the punters. At least they can get valuable advice, as they say, first-hand %s...

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