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The concept of "European repair" firmly entered the life of the Russian at the end of the last century, after the privatization of residential premises. A person who felt like a full owner of the apartment stopped hope for various utilities, learned how to make a European -renovation with his own hands and took the process of creating comfort and comfort in the apartment in his own hands. The galloping inflation also contributed to this, which pushed a person to a quick investment of money in objects and materials with a certain consumer value. We think about how to make a European Republic with your own hands. At the task of making European -hands with your own hands, one should not think that European repair should satisfy what kind of renovation should satisfy what -The transcendental requirements. The main condition for its implementation is the use of materials during the reconstruction and decoration of the dwelling, which in appearance, durability, hygiene and environmental friendliness comply with European standards. Therefore, many modern architectural designer for the definition of “European Republic” prefer the term repairs according to European standards. However, the introduction of only one element (replacing ordinary windows with plastic ones) during the repair of only a “European” style when replacing only one element. European repair implies the comprehensive implementation of all stages of work starting from the design of the design - the project and the delivery of the repaired premises to the customer. The excretion of European renovation with your own hands from adopted in the past. The excretion of European -renovation from the premises adopted in Soviet times is not only the use of modern finishing materials, But even in the fact that repair in the European style begins long before the attraction of builders. The first stage of the European Republic is the order and approval of the design - project. As the experience of large repair and construction companies shows, the availability of this project will significantly reduce the number of works on remaking and eliminating the deficiencies due to customer whims. Typically, at this stage, architectural bureaus offers the owner of the apartment several design solutions, the best of which will be then implemented when designing. General architectural solutions, at the final stage of design, a preliminary estimate of the cost of buying materials and payment for work, which will allow the owner the apartment to navigate with the level Costs and terms for repair work. Often, often, when developing a project design, the need to redevelop residential and auxiliary premises is established. As a rule, the redevelopment cost slightly increases the total cost of repair, and the only drawback is an increase in the time of repair. Looking for the top 100 online casinos top 100 online casinos , then come to us at

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