January 31, 2024
If someone told me that he was lost in the forest, I would just laugh. Tell me, as an adult living in our age of the latest technologies, maybe just get lost in the forest? But, after all, it’s not for nothing that they say, never say. Recently, I myself, or rather,, together with my beloved husband, felt what it was. Frankly, to feel like the heroes of the adventure film, of course, cool. But, when you know that at the entrance to the forest you are waiting for a child crying from hunger, it becomes very not even funny.

So, being in euphoria from a beautiful walk into the autumn forest, I dragged my husband for mushrooms. I was not scared by a cloudy sky, thickened fog and drizzling rain. At first we just decided to take a walk, breathe air, relax in nature. For reinforcements, they took a mother -in -law with them, and she had a happy mission to entertain our child while we were looking for a way out of the forest.

Putting the car near the highway, because there was a barrier and a ribality of the road, we went to the forest. The mother -in -law remained for a walk with the child, and my husband and I, armed with a basket and knives, moved forward, in search of oil. Despite the "non -formed" weather, there were a lot of mushroom pickers that day. Everyone wandered under young pines, in search of such welcome mushrooms.

At first, we were looking for a long time where the same, edible oils could grow. I clearly knew that in the old or deciduous forest they could not be found. You need to keep the way to young animals, which usually grows on the sand. There, well, there will be a 100% clearing where a person’s leg has not yet stepped back, at least today has not yet stepped ...

We walked, walked, walked ... Our arsenal was replenished with a couple of young butter, which I found and carefully cut off. Less was lucky for her husband, but, possessing life optimism, he was not upset. I was torn forward, I wanted to pick up a whole basket and return from the forest with a victorious trophy.

An hour flew quietly. I called the mother -in -law, said that our child began to ask to eat. Since we carried the keys to the car with us, we had to return. It was then that the most interesting began.

The husband put on the cherished clearing, where, imperceptibly from the human gaze, huge oils grew. We began to cut them off, and then quickly ran to the car. Rather, we thought so. In fact, we fled the wrong way.

Having passed a considerable segment of the path, I began to notice the catch. No wonder in my student years I had a chance to visit Crimea. My female and maternal logic began to scream, even yelling, that we are going in the wrong direction. It's no big deal if you start earning on the Internet for the first time, seriously, it's a lot easier to start earning on the site https://slotticacasino.pl .

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