The cooperative members of the cooperative must have the possibility to report with the utmost punctuality the need to change shift following sudden demands (e.g. health or family problems that require absent) in such a way that they can be dealt with as quickly as possible. Identify the resources available to replace on the basis of the skills required by the task.

Therefore Shiftplanning tools are needed that are able to transmit requests for absences and change of shifts even when they are at work far from the headquarters of the cooperative, which are tracked so as to reflect the actual status of employment of the members.

A software for the management of cooperatives’ shifts is responsible for producing an estimated work plan starting from the needs entered and the availability in terms of resources as well as the rules of employment.

The complex management of labor in social cooperatives must provide for the possibility of verifying in real time the coincidence or otherwise of planned and completed shifts to verify whether unforeseen discrepancies have occurred which need to be remedied.

The work shifts software is an integrated product platform for the operational management of human resources: unlike other work management software, it offers a series of interconnected functions that guarantee a cohesive and synergistic approach to business actions related to human resources management.

The work shifts software allows you to optimize the management of the work of the cooperatives through …

  • A full sharing of information between all the modules
  • A report of the working hours carried out by order
  • The assignment of temporal and economic data to each order
  • The possibility of verifying the actual attendance at work

Thanks to the software platform for schedule maker of the cooperatives, which can reduced stress and tension factors typical of those environments, that work organization can take place without complete planning of the upstream commitments.

  • You can organize the information of the working members in a centralized way and distribute the information to all the applications that make up the platform.
  • Get a notification by email and / or SMS whenever the shift schedule is changed
  • You can access all the information updated in real time and extended to all the software that compose it
  • You can manage your staff in a personalized way using the most appropriate forms
  • You can manage employee members spread across multiple locations and create personalized work plans as stand-alone groups
  • You can use the institute of the hours to recover the hours of work in excess without resorting to expensive extraordinary
  • You can store all information related to career, internal and external training of employees to generate a complete and easily accessible file
  • You can generate a unique data flow between shift planning and attendance tracking to be provided to external payroll processing software
  • You can put the planners in communication with the shift workers to exchange justifications, permit requests and change shifts with ease
  • You can view your shifts at any time and from anywhere via browser access
  • You can set access levels to allow only specific people to view shifts
  • You can generate reports for HR management that are useful for evaluating the results of personnel management

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