Managing your personal finances can seem like a minefield at times. Ensuring that you have enough to manage your day-to-day needs can seem complex enough, while attempting to save for the future and trying to take advantage of higher-paying investments whilst minimising risk can seem impossible.

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A professional can really help you to get the most out of your money, regardless of where you are in your life. With years of experience and access to a comprehensive market of investment opportunities, a good independent financial adviser can make all the difference.

Advisers should be regulated and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority. The register and ways of finding an adviser can be found on the FCA site.

Here we look at three key advantages of taking financial advice:

1. In-depth knowledge

A full-time professional financial adviser will have training, experience and knowledge that it would be almost impossible for an individual to achieve. They will also have formal qualifications and have been through industry training; in addition, they will spend a significant amount of time keeping abreast of the latest developments in the market and relevant legislation.

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The knowledge and training they bring will be enhanced by their access to financial advisor software from providers such asĀ, which helps to automate and ensure compliance and to streamline processes. This will enable them to devote more time to helping their customers.

2. Establishing clear goals and planning

Approaches to investments, loans or other financial planning may differ according to your current life circumstances. If you are just starting your career and have no family to worry about, the option of taking a slightly riskier or demanding route may be right for you; alternatively, if your income fluctuates or you have financial commitments that must be met if you are not there, a broader and more cautious approach may be suitable.

A financial adviser will make recommendations to best suit your end objectives, incorporating clear interim goals and regular reviews to ensure your needs continue to be met.

3. Peace of mind

Once you have found the right financial adviser, you can be confident that you are doing the most you can to meet your financial objectives. This reduces stress and provides increased free time to spend with your friends and family.

By Roger Walker

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