Are you a person with a receptive attitude or do you get into the “status quo” reached?

Do you do everything you can to improve your position every day or just to maintain your current position?

If at this point in your life, you are not where you hoped to be, your problem could be lack of receptivity.

Being receptive is one of the fundamental qualities for being an effective leader to achieve OKRs.

Each of us during the course of our life must face the danger of fulfillment that can be achieved with the status quo.

All the more reason a leader.

In fact, if a leader already has a good ability to influence others and is a respectable leader, why should he continue to grow and practice continuous learning?

The reason is: your growth determines who you are, and who you are determines whom you attract. Moreover, those you attract determine the success of your team or organization.

How many sporting champions leave a team or a leader that does not lead them to victory and decide to go to another team?

If you stop growing, the best will no longer join you, your group or your organization because you can’t give them more than they seek.

We begin to discover the main traits of a receptive person and willing to learn.

The traits of a person with a receptive attitude

All people who are receptive and open to continuous learning have the following features in common.

An attitude conducive to learning

The person with a receptive spirit sees every experience as a learning opportunity. His heart and his mind are open to the new.

It has in mind that success has more to do with the choice of learning and growing than with possessing talent.

A beginner’s mentality

When people are beginners, it is easy to have an open and receptive mind. But it becomes increasingly difficult to be receptive when a lot has been learned and some success has been achieved.

Try to maintain a beginner’s mentality, keeping in mind three principles:

  • Every individual has something to teach me.
  • Every day I have something to learn.
  • Every time I learn something, I get advantages.

An opening to continuous evaluation of oneself

Becoming and remaining receptive requires honesty and openness to continuously evaluate oneself.

It is important to recognize one’s own shortcomings, seek solutions (no matter how painful) and work hard to implement them. This leads to being able to change, grow and move forward in OKR.

An ease in making others talk in their lives

The receptive person surrounds himself with people who know him well and who with love and honesty want to talk about his life, accepting comments and criticism without defending himself, but drawing a lesson from it.

A desire to learn something new every day

Growth and improvement do not happen overnight, but are built a little at a time with minor changes.

The receptive person tries to exploit this simple truth, learning something new every day.

How to develop and maintain a receptive attitude

If you want to grow your organization, you must remain receptive and “trainable” and better plan and track your activity through OKR Software.

Here are five guidelines to help you develop and maintain a receptive and continuous learning attitude.

Heal from the goal disease achieved

Some people or almost all mistakenly believe that if we can achieve a certain goal, we no longer need to grow.

It can happen with almost everything: getting a degree, achieving a desired job or personal position, getting to the wedding, receiving a particular prize or reaching a financial goal.

The effective leader, on the other hand, cannot afford to think in this common way. The day he stops growing is the day he loses his potential and the potential of his team or organization.

Overcome your success

Almost always, the success achieved prevents one from continuously learning.

If you’ve had success in the past, be careful not to be too complacent!

If what you did yesterday still looks great to you, it means that you are not doing much today.

Don’t take shortcuts

In life you pay a price for almost everything, especially the price for success.

If you want to grow in a particular sector, consider how much it will cost you and then decide to pay the price. If you take shortcuts, sooner or later the account will be presented to you.

Get rid of your pride

The willingness to continually learn requires the admission of not knowing everything and not making a bad impression in admitting it.

Furthermore, if you continue to learn, you will have to humbly accept continuing to make mistakes. Only by giving up pride can you be open to learning and growing.

Never make the same mistake twice

Without error, no progress is made, but if you continue to make the same mistakes, it means that you have not learned anything since the previous time and you are not progressing.

An effective leader is willing to learn, to make mistakes, to forget, but from this, he always draws a lesson.

By Roger Walker

The writer of this article, currently manages his own blog moment for life and spreads happiness, and is managing to do well by mixing online marketing and traditional marketing practices into one.

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