December 7, 2023

When you fill up your vehicle, there are always options to use premium quality petrol or diesel but are there any real benefits? They can sometimes be referred to as super performance and will have an increased octane rating but would your vehicle benefit from its use?

High octane fuel is less likely to ignite as it needs more compression to ignite than low octane fuels. For high performance engines, using premium fuel can prevent explosions damaging the engine as high performance vehicles compress their fuel more. High performance diesel will have a higher cetane rating. So, if you don’t have a high performance engine, are you going to improve the performance of your vehicle by using this fuel?

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If you want to be sure which fuel is best for your vehicle, the manufacturer’s handbook will provide this information and detail which octane or cetane rating your vehicle performs best with. For heavy fuel users, consider the advantages of BP Fuel Card. Find out more at

There are a number of different brands of premium fuel available at most fuel pumps:

BP have Ultimate Unleaded and Ultimate Diesel

Esso have Synergy Supreme Plus 99

Total have Excellium Unleaded

Shell have Shell V-Power

Texaco have Supreme Unleaded 97

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Remember that all vehicles must use a specific type of fuel, whether unleaded petrol, diesel, LPG or nowadays, charged with electricity. Putting the wrong fuel type into a vehicle can seriously damage it, however mixing standard fuel and premium fuel is not likely to cause any issues.

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