If you’ve only recently received your forklift truck training, the start of each shift can feel a little nerve wracking. There are still things to learn and a great deal of knowledge comes from hands-on experience. Here are some tips on how to a better and safer forklift operator:

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Inspection – No matter how rushed we might be in the morning, never forget to carry out a pre-shift inspection of the machinery. Don’t assume that the last person to use it carried out the same checks. Forklifts can be hazardous vehicles, so always ensure that it is checked over before the start of a shift and at the end. When you want to see Electric Pallet Trucks Ireland, Click here for a range of electric pallet trucks in Ireland

Entering and exiting – Many of the most common accidents occur on entering or exiting the cabin. Always be aware of the surroundings, as there could be a step or a slippery surface, for example. Always bring the forklift to a complete standstill before exiting.

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Stay focused – Operating any kind of machinery in a noisy and bustling environment requires a good level of focus and concentration to do so safely. Avoid distractions and always keep alert for potential hazards around you.

Be comfortable – If you’re working in hot, stuffy environments then be sure to wear moisture wicking clothing to stay comfortable. For working in very cold temperatures, ensure you wear enough layers as getting too cold can slow down your reaction times. Always remember safety gear too, such as a hard hat and steel toe cap shoes or boots.

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