How to remove hunger without eating?

Eating is a pleasure for many people. Giving up our favorite dishes seems like an impossible mission, but you don’t always have to. Integrating your favorite foods into a balanced diet and a constant exercise routine can help you continue enjoying the best delicacies without fear of gaining weight.

The problem appears when you eat indiscriminately because you are always hungry. Boredom, anxiety and other moods can cause you to be hungry even after eating. In many cases, this causes us to settle with what is in the fridge and then feel guilty. If this happens to you and you don’t know how to remove hunger without eating, we bring you 15 tricks to not eat and not be hungry.

How to remove hunger without eating?

Going outside and walking or sitting somewhere with natural light can help you control hunger since the sun increases the production of serotonin in your body. Thus, you will feel more satisfied and see how sudden cravings for very caloric foods are reduced.

how to remove hunger without eating

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Choose from hot and satiating dishes

Winter is the time when you most want to eat hot dishes, but always try to introduce them to your diet. These meals are more satiating than cold ones because they make the sensation of hunger in the brain disappear with more force. In this sense, homemade broths are a great ally since the combination of liquid and temperate temperature is the most effective to calm the appetite without adding too many calories to your diet.

Bet on natural foods and flavors

Some products found on the market contain flavor enhancers such as monosodium glutamate and other additives that make them very attractive, but at the same time create a more excellent feeling of hunger. French fries and sauces are the best examples.

Therefore, be careful when buying and choose those satiating foods and products that are 100% natural. They will give you more nutrients and will satisfy you for longer.

Drink water and stay hydrated

The confusion between hunger and thirst appears more often than we think. Therefore, when you feel a sudden desire to eat outside mealtime, drink a glass or two of water to calm your stomach. Staying hydrated throughout the day is a good solution if you suffer from anxiety while eating and you don’t know how to get rid of hunger without eating.

drink water

Use the right dishes

When the appetite is high, food easily enters the eyes. In these situations, your desire to eat large amounts of food increases and as a result, you choose large plates or dishes to fill them.

A good tactic to avoid swelling with a specific meal is the use of small, plain dishes or that adapt to what you have cooked.

If you are going to eat a menu of two or more dishes or go to a free buffet, stop after the first course. Evaluate if you are still hungry before going for the second automatically.

Season your meals

The flavors of the meals and the aromas that some dishes give off are very satisfying. Enjoying them, you will realize that you will not need to eat so much, you will be satisfied before and control your appetite. Use natural spices in the kitchen to give delicious touches to your dishes that leave you happy for more hours.

Brush your teeth

After each meal, brush your teeth to distract your brain and avoid the temptation of any whim. You can brush them within 20 or 30 minutes after eating to eliminate hunger in the next few hours. The powerful flavor that leaves the toothpaste will help you forget cravings, especially sweets.

End boredom

The desire to eat out of boredom is very common. The feeling of not knowing what to do can lead to frustration and the fridge is the easiest destination to end it.

Finding an activity that you like, going out to shop, meeting friends or reading a book are interesting alternatives to fight boredom.

Chocolate to fight hunger

Giving up desserts and sweets can be very complicated. We can always be tempted to finish a meal with something sweet at the end. To combat the desire to consume desserts or sweets highly caloric or with a lot of sugar, we recommend eating a piece of dark chocolate. In this way, it will increase the production of serotonin in your body and you will calm the craving, as well as the desire to continue eating.

Select foods with fiber

Select foods with fiber

Fiber-rich diets are very effective in satisfying hunger and not eating more times than is due. The foods that contain it usually force chewing more than others, slowing down the intake and generating a greater sense of satisfaction. Fruits, vegetables, seeds, wholemeal flour, soup with vegetables and salads are foods that fill the stomach and have an excellent amount of fiber.

Meets all meals

Believing that by making fewer meals a day, you will lose weight is a misconception. Normally, the feeling of hunger intensifies and, when it is time to eat, the bingeing increases. Find the right schedules and balance in your diet to quench your appetite throughout the day, thus avoiding cravings with many calories. The good idea is to make about 5 meals a day, with light snacks between the main meals that calm hunger and anxiety.

Take a shower before lunch or dinner

You come home thinking of entering the kitchen and eating the first thing you want. Sometimes we try to calm tiredness with food and eat excessively. Therefore, we recommend taking a relaxing shower when you get home to calm your body. Subsequently, you can plan dinner with mild stress and controlled temptations. Stress and anxiety are one of the most common factors for which we eat too much and cannot control hunger, your help here

Do not abuse sweeteners

Uncontrolled consumption of sweeteners increases appetite. Although they are difficult to avoid because they are found in many products, you can always look at the labels when you go shopping and bet alternatives with less sugar. For example, at coffee time, it is better to drink it alone or if you want to give it a sweet taste, with just a little sugar.

Healthy whims

If hunger is uncontrollable, it will always be better for you to eat fruit, some vegetable or a handful of nuts than to resort to sweets and other types of greasy and caloric foods. The first group will satisfy your appetite with one or two pieces, while the second will take you to consume it in large quantities for its addictive power.

Choose the best proteins

Proteins create a greater sense of satisfaction with other nutrients. However, you must select protein foods that are free of harmful fats for the body. Seafood, legumes and poultry are some exciting alternatives when choosing lean protein sources.

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