If you own or manage a pub, club, bar or restaurant, you’ll know soft drinks deliver one your highest profit margins if you get your drinks offer right. This means choosing the right drinks to serve, serving them quickly and making sure they taste the way they’re supposed to.

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Types of Drinks Dispensers

There are two types of systems you can choose from when it comes to a drinks dispenser.

– Pre-mix: includes a carbonator, tank of CO2 gas and syrup that comes (as the name suggests) pre-mixed and is ready to use. You often find these in smaller shops and garages, as they don’t take up too much space and customers can easily serve themselves. Self-service is one of the major benefits of a pre-mixed system.

– Post-mix: the syrup doesn’t come pre-mixed but is concentrated. It gets diluted when it’s dispensed. You set the level of dilution, which allows you to you provide your customers with greater consistency in their drinks – a significant benefit.

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Size and Capacity of Drinks Dispensers

Drinks dispensers come in different sizes and have the capacity to deliver drinks at different speeds and volumes. How many drinks you need to dispense is something you need to think about, as well as the types of soft drinks (especially as these are becoming more popular in the UK).

If you aren’t sure which size would work for your business, speak to post mix suppliers who can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Most post mix suppliers can also help you install the equipment, so you know it works correctly from day one, keeping your customers happy.

Considerations When Buying a Drinks Dispenser

When buying a drinks dispenser, as well as the size and capacity, you’ll need to ask yourself how you intend to use it. Will your staff be serving drinks, for example, or are you looking at self-service? If you do, you’ll probably want an ice dispenser. You might also want to think about a push-button machine – one that lets customers choose their own flavour quickly and easily. You will also want to ensure that you have a link with the supplier so that you can make sure that you have access to some key parts of machinery that may have been created using Rubber Injection Moulding like that offered by https://www.meadex.co.uk/rubber-moulding/. Anything too complicated will put them off and mean any benefits you gain through using a drinks dispenser could be outweighed by the disadvantages faced by your customer.

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