how to download instagram videos from private account

Did you know that you can download private Instagram photos and private Instagram videos in just a couple of clicks? Yes, What you read! and here we tell you the two ways that exist to do it. Here, I will discuss how to download instagram videos from private account. To facilitate this tutorial to download private Instagram photos and download private Instagram videos with ease, we will separate it into two parts.

In the first part, we will focus on the different ways to download private Instagram photos and in the second, we will attack the videos’ search intention. We will do it step by step and detail by detail to not take you more than 3 minutes.

Let’s take action!

How to download instagram videos from private account?

After much research and different tests, we have concluded that the best ways to save private Instagram photos are what we will present to you in this tutorial.

However, there are viable alternatives to know how to see private Instagram and download images from this social network. Still, they are somewhat more complex than those we will show you in this tutorial to download private Instagram photos.

Just remember, it is important to respect copyright and the owner’s decision not to manipulate or use this information. Considering all the above, we will show you the two easiest ways to download a private Instagram image without further delay.

download instagram videos

1. Sharing the URL to another social network

Instagram does allow you to share the publications (URL) on other networks where images or videos can be easily downloaded. This is a very simple option to download private Instagram photos without the need to download any application.

2. Through an Application

Some apps are currently exclusively dedicated to making it easier for you to download private videos or private images from Instagram. In this way, you can have on your Smartphone or computer everything you want from other users, even those who have their account privately.

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3 . Copy Private Instagram Url

This is another of the easiest ways to download a private Instagram image and get it in less than 1 minute. You just have to copy the URL of the photo or see private Instagram with URL in developer mode, but this is somewhat more complex, so let’s move on to the first option to download a private Instagram photo.

Go to the URL of the image, select it and click copy. Then go to Tyene and paste the address of the image in the search engine. This website will show you the image in full size and you just have to right-click on it and give it to download private Instagram images.

4. Download private Instagram photos online OFFLINE

Another option that we offer you so that you know how to download private Instagram photos is to do it offline, that is, without a network. This option does not always work since Instagram has evolved since its birth. However, it is very effective only if you want to download photos from your Instagram private profile.

Therefore, if you only need the profile photo, this is a good and very effective option to carry it out. We will tell you how to do it. You must access the private Instagram of the person whose photo you want to take. Then remove the internet data, enlarge the image and take a screenshot.

This option is much more homemade than the previous ones to download private Instagram images, and it may be that you find it a bit rudimentary, but it is the only way to do it today.

5. Apps to download private photos and videos from Instagram

If you have decided on applications to download private Instagram images and do not want to waste time looking for the best, do not go and keep reading! We show you the two most effective applications to download private Instagram photos that leave no trace.

Video Downloader for Instagram

This app has been created to be able to obtain private Instagram photos and videos and if you want to get hold of it, simply follow the following steps:

Download the app
Then go to Instagram and select the image you want to download
Click on the three dots next to the image and select “Copy Link.”
You will paste this link in the Video Downloader for the Instagram app
The image or video will appear in the app and you must share it and then download it.

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4K Stogram

It is a complete application that allows you to download video and photos from the timeline or stories of public or private accounts.

To be able to enjoy this software, you just have to do the following:

Download 4k Stogram on your PC
Press the “preference” section found in the application.
Enter your Instagram account details
Once you access your IG account, you can enter any private account or not and select the images and videos that you want to save on your computer.
How to download private stories on Instagram?
In private Instagram stories, some applications help you with this aspect because you cannot copy the URL.

To download private Instagram stories, you have the Story Save For Instagram app.

Download this app to download photos private Instagram account
Access your Instagram account from the app
Get the user you want, choose the story and click “Save.”
You must know that the apps that allow you to download content in private accounts are not free.

Also, you know the great responsibility of downloading third-party content. This is why Instagram avoids it so as not to incur a crime if you are going to download private Instagram photos for your use.

Additional information to downloading private Instagram photos

Instagram is a very particular social network that allows you to share photos and videos whenever you want, but you cannot download them directly. This is why most people take screenshots or screenshots of the images they want to use or have on their computer or Smartphone.

However, as you have seen before, there are several ways to download private Instagram photos and videos from other users. We just want to remind you again to always do it with proper use.

Legal issues about downloading private Instagram photos
Other options for downloading Instagram photos that may interest you …
If you have come this far, surely you already know how Instagram photos from another profile are downloaded.

Likewise, these tricks are not for you. However, we are going to leave you some of the most used by our users.

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