Employee mental health is a key issue facing organisations today. According to a recent study, poor mental health costs employers around billions annually. Of this amount, most is lost through absenteeism and staff turnover. These figures clearly demonstrate the need for employers to invest in mental health. Those employers who are proactive in addressing employee mental health will reap the benefits of a healthy workforce. For full details on Mental Health Training Courses, go to https://www.tidaltraining.co.uk/mental-health-courses

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Employee mental health wellbeing can help to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health problems. In addition to offering employees access to counselling and other resources, employers should encourage employee participation in wellness activities. Employees can volunteer as wellness champions or participate in wellness training. They can also share their personal stories to break the stigma surrounding mental health. This way, employees can take a step back and learn new strategies for dealing with stress.

Employers can help employees deal with stress by offering mental health benefits, such as counselling. They can also offer a quiet space in the office to help employees relax and focus. Additionally, they can offer training to managers in stress management. Employees should also know about policies related to mental health days off. Further, companies should conduct anonymous surveys of their employees to determine the level of support employees are getting.

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Mental health issues can negatively impact employee performance. Employees who are in good mental health tend to be adaptable, resilient and successful in both their personal and professional lives. Employees with poor mental health may not perform at their peak performance, and this can lead to poor decision-making, missed deadlines, and lapsed commitments.


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