Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis (March 19, 1955) is known as one of the most memorable action heroes in the film industry. In addition to keeping an entire generation on the edge of his seat through shocking films, this actor has continually renewed his career and surprise us on over one occasion. Bruce Willis net worth is over 175 million USD. Some reports say that it is over 200 USD. Get ready to know everything about the life of this icon of the big screen in the biography of Bruce Willis that we bring you below.

Beginnings on television

The 6 feet tall actor born on March 19, 1955, in the town of Idar-Oberstein Germany, Walter Bruce Willis was the first son of Marlene and David Willis. His father was an American soldier who had met his mother in Europe. In 1957, David decided to take the family to the United States, after the army dropped him.

Bruce Willis studied at Penns Grove High School, where he belonged to the institution’s theater group. After graduating, he studied at Montclair State University for a year, until he left it to move to California. In the mid-1980s, he obtained secondary roles in series such as Miami Division and The Unknown Dimension.

After presenting an audition, he got the lead role in the dramatic comedy Luz de luna, staying in the position until the series ended in 1989.

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Bruce Willis And Emma Heaming

Arrival to the big screen

While acting in Moonlight, Bruce Willis caught the attention of director Blake Edwards, who would contact him to offer him a leading role in Blind Date, a romantic comedy. A year later, he would play the role of John McClane in Hard to Kill. The movie catapulted him to stardom.

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Bruce Willis did almost all of his action scenes during Hard to Kill. This authenticity was not very common in the films of the time, so it added significant value to the work.

Bruce Willis’ acting as John McClane would make him famous around the world and make him one of the most prominent action stars in film history. In the 90s, the success of the sequels Hard to Kill 2and Hard to Kill 3: Revenge would take you to the highest levels of popularity in Hollywood.

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Every movie in the Hard to Kill franchise has a special place in my heart. I enjoy the challenge of having to do the same character and compete with myself to do better each time.
Bruce Willis.

In 1994, he would have a secondary role in the acclaimed Quentin Tarantino Violent Times film. A few years later he would star in three films that would be huge successes: The Fifth Element, Armageddon and Sixth Sense. Then it would act in the protected one, next to Samuel L. Jackson.

Bruce Willis in pop culture

Thanks to his enormous success during the 90s, Bruce Willis became a recurring element in different types of productions. In 2000 he participated in several episodes of the comedy Friends as a guest actor, a role that earned him an Emmy. Besides, he would be a recurring guest on various talk and entertainment programs such as Late Night Show with David Letterman and make cameos like himself in movies like The New Great Scam.

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His net worth is about 175 million US dollars. Has two wives: Demi Moore and Emma Heming Willis. Demi Moore divorced 13 years ago.

Some other Bruce Willis appearances that show his enormous popularity around the world have been his leading role in the Apocalypse video game. His participation as a guest host on Saturday Night Live and his work on well-known Japanese commercials.

He worked with his eldest daughter, Rumer, in the film Under threat in 2005. Two years later he would return with the fourth edition of his most acclaimed saga: Hard to kill 4.0. It would be stellar in Looper: Assassins of the future and A kingdom under the moon, two films well-received commercially, before starring Hard to kill: a good day to die.

In 2019, he performed again with Samuel L. Jackson in Glass, the expected sequel to The Protected and Fragmented, still playing his role in the 2000 film. The film was a commercial success, rising to 10 times more than its budget.

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