Gifts for new parents

A birth is always happy news for the parents’ family and friends, but it also involves a whole protocol that is usual to follow and that is that when you meet the little one, you should bring him a present. The problem is when we have no idea where to start and ask ourselves what to give a newborn? Here, we suggest some gifts for new parents depending on how close you are to their parents.

Gifts for new parents

You can gift these items to new parents. If you are very close to the parents, you can show off with a great gift, that yes, make sure that they still do not have it. For example, a crib, a baby car seat or a diaper changer are very good details that will be of great use to parents, especially if they are first-timers and do not have these items.

At this stage, parents appreciate useful gifts. For example, a set of towels for the little one or sheets for their crib will fall like a finger ring, they can use them for a long time and they never hurt, which makes this present a great idea.

Clothing set

For the most classic, baby clothing sets, booties and hats will always be welcome, although the reality is that parents may receive many gifts of this type. They are always useful. Shoes are also a good idea, especially for the future months, when the little one begins to walk.


Toys are also welcome, but it is best to opt for those for slightly older babies, so when the little one has more interaction with his environment, he can enjoy them a lot. Many parents are preparing baby things based on their first months of life, this added to that most of the gifts they receive are just for newborns leaves them with a panorama: the baby has few clothes for when is closer to the year, so you can always give her an outfit for her first year.

craddle Gifts for new parents


A cradle with a classic design that has a built-in brake at the bottom of its 4 wheels, which gives the advantage of being able to move it easily throughout the house. This model has a lever to adjust the height manually and sidebars that can be removed if necessary.

It is a perfect gift for first-time parents that will give them the calm of having space where their baby can rest comfortably while they can move it to any room to be able to watch their child at all times. The model includes a hypoallergenic mattress.

Kit to Feed Baby

A set consisting of a blender, a protective glass, a paddle, 6 non-toxic plastic containers, a tray to sterilize the containers and two blades. This product includes two practical baby recipe guides.

A complete set where not only are parents provided with all the tools to prepare meals for their child also includes material that illustrates how to sterilize containers, prepare food and what nutrients the baby requires at each stage of development.

How about a good collection of children’s stories?

It may seem soon, but after a moment his parents will begin to read to the little one and it would be a beautiful detail that they will have a beautiful collection given by you, a great way to remember a friend.

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